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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 9/19

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Sabin could be mildly entertaining if they had him get all egotistical and Al Bundy-esque. He has to take up a job as a shoe salesman to make ends meet and Velvet Sky ends up really Peggy Bundyish. "Yup, I was world champion once, they all chanted Hail Sabin back then."

Then Velvet would say "They did, I NEVER did." (cue WUT WOH noise).


Sorrenson could play the wacky next door neighbor and brag about how he scored four touchdowns in one game. Angle would be a better wacky neighbor though.

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Obviously heel Dixie is a rip off of Stephanie, but anyone else think this is a not-so-subtle move on creative's part to feed Dixie's ego by making her a bigger part of the show, thus ensuring that in these troubling times she doesn't give up on TNA?

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Well I wont just say something negative while i'm hanging around, I'll say something positive also.


I was hiding behind my hands watching AJ Styles redo Pipebomb 2011 until Dixie came out (Positive thing number one: Her music didn't play) (Positive thing number two: Brooke Hogan or her music wasn't on the show either)


Dixie absolutely saved the segment, she not only saved it, but she absolutely knocked it out of the park. I was even caught with my jaw dropped at one point given how 100% in an instant she changed into an aggressive person. 


So.. Summer of AJ?


And who knows, we might even get Big Papa Jeff back for a stint.


Gotta admit, the only aim apart from selling PPVs (Which TNA does not really want to do it appears) is getting me to tune in the following week, and I won't be missing it.


More positives:


Knux standing up to Bully Ray

Brooke Tessmacher

Getting a good laugh out of Robbie E's back to back jobs

Mickie James being the best shes been in years

Chris Sabin humorously going from underdog babyface World Champion  to heel contender for the X Division Title in, what, 2 weeks? And is he with Velvet on screen now because of Total Divas airing?

Brooke Tessmacher again.

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The problem with these "pipebomb" promos in general is that, yes, while they give you a few mark out moments and get a reaction, ultimately, they revolve around a performer, live on air, trashing the company, calling the people in power incompetent and generally under-minding everyone and everything around them.


Let's look at the wrestlers who have done huge business:







Sure, they cut promos on people, but at no point did they say "this product sucks, why are you watching?" Austin hated Vince but he was never like "Man, you're fucking useless and the reason this company is going nowhere."


But once again, commen sense gets thrown out the window just because "OMG, he's shooting and telling it like it is!"

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