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I really wish I would have participated in the 50s poll as I was really looking forward to that but I fell out of my film fandom at the time and virtually stopped watching films.

Here are the contenders for my ballot:

Los Olvidados [1950]

Rashomon [1950]

Sunset Boulevard [1950]

Ace in the Hole [1951]

Ikiru [1952]

Singin' in the Rain [1952]

Tokyo Story [1953]

Johnny Guitar [1954]

On the Waterfront [1954]

Sansho the Bailiff [1954]

Seven Samurai [1954]

La Strada [1954]

Kiss Me Deadly [1955]

The Night of the Hunter [1955]

The Burmese Harp [1956]

The Searchers [1956]

The Bridge on the River Kwai [1957]

Nights of Cabiria [1957]

The Seventh Seal [1957]

Touch of Evil [1958]

Vertigo [1958]

The 400 Blows [1959]

Ben-Hur [1959]

The Fugitive Kind [1959]

Pickpocket [1959]

Rio Bravo [1959]

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