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DVDVR Saves the World.... Again. AKA, DVDVR Plays XCOM 1 and 2 .

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11 minutes ago, melraz09 said:

Alright, as many of you know imma dumb ass hillbilly, but what the hell is this? I gotta notification 3 friends posted in this thing and I clicked it. Now im curious. What the hell is this?

It's a sci-fi real time strategy game where you defend the earth against alien hordes.  Mis and Dragon have honored Big Fresh's tradition of naming his characters after people on the board.

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Dalm, i just watched about 8 minutes of a 30 minute video. Hats off to you boys. That game is way to technical for my chug then run and gun abilities. If i was to do that shit my storyboard would consist of. I drank 2 beer then next thing i knew we were all gettin probed by ET just before they killed us all. 

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