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Smackdown Spoilers 9/13/13

Overly Critical Man

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1) The Big Show brawl was awesome. He fought with the desperation and rage someone in his spot would feel. His spear off the table was insane. He succumbed to that damn numbers game but went down in an epic fight. I love Roman Reigns' growl when it's powerbomb time. Great segment. They've got Show in a great spot -- he can either be a huge face fighting back or a huge heel by giving in to the demands of HHH. This has been a great secondary story to the Daniel vs. Corporation angle.


2) The divas match itself sucked but AJ, once again, ruled it on the mic. She's as compelling a character as the WWE has right now. And think about that -- HHH and Randy are doing some amazing heel work, Daniel Bryan is what he's doing, CM Punk and Heyman, Show, The Rhodes Family, the Wyatt Family. AJ's just as talked about as anyone else. "I want to hold on to this title until I'm an old woman." She's making that title mean something and stealing the heat from the idiot Total Divas. Go on, girl. I can't believe she's the heel in this situation.


3) This dance off is the worst. It's goofy shtick but it's pretty much everyone I hate in the promotion in one ring. I guess I don't hate Fandango and appreciate his commitment to the role and he's decent in the ring. But everyone else in this is worthless. This is seriously dumb. I'm all for silly fun but this was just the worst.


4) The Ryback segment was #1 and the best. PLEASE keep him doing this gimmick. So hilarious. I'm also really happy that my man Archie from Chicara got some WWE time. So entertaining.


5) Santino vs. Sandow was whatever. Santino's an entertaining enough comedy wrestler but I usually ignore whatever he does. I did like the segment starting near the conclusion of Sandow's anti-Canadian rant.


6) Heyman blaming the fans and asking for a boycott as an "advocate for peace" is such great pathetic heeling.


7) ADR vs. Ricardo was a fun psuedo-squash. ADR's stuff was pretty brutal looking, while Ricardo hit the occasional hope spot. RVD was such a goof at the end from a kayfabe perspective -- he kept pointing for a portly, inexperienced Ricardo to go to the top rope. That cost him because ADR his a nasty -- make that NASTY -- reverse superplex. RVD chases ADR off after Alberto tries to snap Ricardo's arm.


8) Dean/Dolph was a good short template of what they could do singles wise. Dean sold his jaw wonderfully. He's such a great scumbag. He knows exactly when to make gloating faces. Dolph showed a lot of favor as a face.


9) We join the six-man in progress. Reigns does a really good spot by whipping Dolph hard into the corner and whipping him right back out with a stiff short-arm clothesline. Man, whoever decided to give him his spot deserves a lot of credit. He's really good. The first part of the match has The Shield just ripping into Dolph with a lot of stuff. Dolph put on a clinic in terms of building the heat segment and reaching for the hot tags. He got cut off like three times. Once the tag was made, it turns into the usual Shield chaos with a lot of people flying all over. Uso (I forget which one) hit a bunch of superkicks and was about to win with a splash from the top, but Rollins got the knees up and countered right into the cover. I think we're taking these guys for granted. They just bring it every single match and segment.


10) The Cutting Edge segment was the best Daniel Bryan has been in these situations and it laid it all out magnificently well. He's a guy with a dream who doesn't care about balance sheets or bottom lines. He wants to win the title. He has a dream and he's THIS CLOSE to fulfilling it but, unfortunately, the structure of the WWE is preventing him from doing that. That's so perfect. A lot of us would love to be authors or movie stars or own our own businesses. But, sadly, it's hard to do that in this world, especially in an era when so many corporations are interested in monetizing creativity and homogenizing independence. We have more consumer choices now because of the Internet and YouTube and social media, just as we have access to more wrestling than ever before. But, in order to make it -- REALLY make it -- we still have to do that in the face of a machine that exists only to feed itself. HHH and Randy Orton have fought against that machine at times. But to make it to the top, they've had to become a part of it and sell out any integrity they ever had to do so. They made that choice. Like Randy said, it's something pretty much any of us would do for financial comfort. But Bryan won't.


He didn't say any of that thesis. But it's what he meant. And that's why this story has resonated with me so ridiculously much. It's a rehash of the McMahon/Austin storyline but it's different. The former rebels now wear the suits. The rugged Reagan-era redneck of Austin has been replaced by a normal, decent guy with outsider tastes who doesn't fit the part. Bryan's the ultimate audience proxy.


Randy Orton thinks he's naive for all of that. He cheap shots Daniel Bryan, who ends up getting Orton in the Yes Lock. YES! YES! YES!And that's how you go home.So friggin' pumped for Sunday.

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Serious, if Dancing Miz becomes a fixture on Smackdown, I'm in for the long haul on that.


For the life of me, I never understood why they didnt do the full "Dancing with the stars" envy shit between Jericho & Fandango pre WM.  Also Miz is a tried and tested reality star and if WWE had any writing credence they would use that shit in a Fandango jealousy angle.


Also, while I was on vacation this week, it must be noted that between Santino's Claudio assisted giant swing return and the (semi)-reformation of awesome truth, WWE has had a good week................. checks pwinsider....... oh yeah......

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Awesome to see Robert Evans on SD, great segment. Would love to see him get signed. Ryback rules. Dancing with the Superstars was as hysterical as hoped, Cole cracking up makes it all the better too. Other thing I really liked was the opening brawl, Big Show's table dive and Roman's sell of it was tremendous.

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I hadn't noticed them doing this before but when did the Uso's start using the Umaga style toss into the air catch them in the Samoan Drop?

At least for 8 months if not longer. They've done that spot for awhile .


Jimmy's the one who does the Samoan Drop and he's done it like that for a few years (if the opponent is small enough to throw and catch. He can't do it to guys like Sandow or Tensai). They did a double team one for a while where Jey threw the other guy into the Drop.



That's at least two years old.

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