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NFL 2013: WEEK 2


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So basically the Skins getting the luckiest of lucky plays to not be down 31-0 right now


It's nice to know the "just break the plane" rule is frustratingly stupid in the other direction, too.


[For those who did not see it, a Packer receiver, while stretching the ball out to break the plane of the goal line, was held up short, fumbled the ball forward, and it struck the pylon before going out of bounds and is thus a Touchback even though it never entered the endzone.  Except it did, because the Pylon Totally Counts as the plane of the goal line.  Hah.]

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Michael Strahan, stop trying to improv lines. You're not any good at it. How the hell did he get a talk show?


Because he's slightly better than 80+ year old Regis?


I'm not actually sure he is. And I don't like Regis to begin with.

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