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17 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

I couldn't find anything. The most recent thing I found from Riley was a tweet from May 22, congratulating Cody on standing up for himself and asking for his release. 

Riley doesn't strike me as a guy that would take indy bookings because he loves the art of wrestling. He seems like a guy that didn't make it in "legitimate sports", so he thought he could use wrestling as a fallback. At best, he was probably a casual fan that got into the Attitude Era, but tuned out until he needed some kind of career option. 

I, for one, am very thankful Riley doesn't seem to be taking indy bookings.

Me too.  

But remember, Alex Riley was part of a WrestleMania main event.  Think about that for a bit and cry.  I sure am.

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1 hour ago, offspring515 said:

I wanted Harper to be the Hound to Braun's Mountain and for WWE to give us that battle before George RR Martin does.


So anytime in the next 10-15 years should do it.

I believe that battle happened already. It's why The Hound is afraid of fire. It's been a decade since I read the series, so I might be wrong.

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5 hours ago, MoeCristyV.1.6 said:


So Awesome!

I miss the Ricola Bomb. I wish Cesaro would add more Claudio to his current act. I'm still waiting for him to bust out the UFO. I know he's used the Alpamare Waterslide at least on WWE tv. At least, he gets the crowd to HEYYYY every now and then. 

Cesaro vs. Harper is a feud that's made for SD. I really hope Harper ends up on SD and Cesaro beats Sheamus, but decides he wants to challenge for the world title, so through some loophole, he can jump to SD. How about trading Randy Orton and Kane to Raw for Sami, Cesaro, and Harper (if he ends up on Raw)?

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Speaking of Cesaro, I just watched his matches with Sami and (good god damn) Regal on the NXT Greatest Matches DVD that I found at Walmart today. Of course it would beyond WWE to bring us all the good stuff in one package with promos and everything but I imagine there's a fair amount of gold left on here, right? They've got the Brooklyn Bayley/Sasha match...

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