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13 hours ago, The Natural said:

I never liked that WCW World Tag Team Championship, I preferred this:


I also preferred the NWA World Tag Team Titles and NWA United States Tag Team Championship:



I never liked any of the NWA/WCW tag team belts.

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10 hours ago, D.Z said:


Didn't realise there were two versions of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship V4. Shame V3 didn't last long. It's really close between V3 and V4 for my favourite.

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Eh the newer belt had more gold. The circle stuff in between the side plates came off the old one and some gold faded off.

Naito broke some stuff off as well






The newer IWGP HW one below



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Cheers, @D.Z.

When the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship debuted I noticed an issue with it besides it's ugliness, the strap is too big so NJPW has to do some mods when Kota Ibushi, the first champion held it:



Look how long it is on Shingo Takagi. That's taken from Takagi beating Kazuchika Okada for the vacant IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at Dominion 2021. In the above post match interview, Shingo had to hold the belt in place and said "The belt's a little loose. Tsuji, come tighten it up".

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