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So, what are you trying to get through

I finally got around to crossing off End Of Watch from my Stuff I Need To Watch On My DVR list.  It has been on my DVR for six months now.

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This is what I have immediately available to me (in that I don't need to leave the house)... from the top of my head

Paper Towns (library)

Jurassic World (library)

Tomorrowland (library)

Tombstone (library)

The Intern (Netflix DVD)

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Netflix DVD)

The Raid (DVR)

Pacific Rim (DVR)

American Hustle (DVR)

Into the Woods (DVR)

Sin City (DVR)

Heat (DVR)

Ides of March (DVR)

The Wedding Ringer (DVR)

What the fuck the 2nd JJ Abrams Star Trek is called (Own)

The Hobbit (Own)

The 2nd Sherlock Holmes (Own)

Les Miserables (Own)


And this isn't counting all the stuff in my Netflix streaming queue. Of course I will probably just rewatch The Martian and Force Awakens again and then start watching Xtreme Waterparks because I am a terrible person

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So when we're talking Heat, we're talking the Michael Mann good shit, right?  

Here's what I'd watch first.

Tombstone (Seriously, you seriously haven't seen Tombstone yet... Seriously....)

Heat (See comments for Tombstone... Seriously...)

The Raid (You really should find The Raid 2 and Merentau.  Iko Uwais is the new Tony Jaa and with far less crazy..)

Jurassic World (It's dinosaurs, man.  You can't go wrong with dinosaurs.)

The Intern (God, this was really fucking good...DeNiro is KING SIZED~!)

Ides of March

American Hustle

I'd probably find the other two Hobbit movies and set those aside for their own marathon.  That shit will take all day to get through.

I liked Star Trek Into Darkness but I am not a traditional Trekkie and I had the Sherlock bromance thing going on at the time.

Everything else on your list is fairly entertaining but as a thing of caution, my kid HATED Tomorrowland and she did not particularly care for Paper Towns although she LOVED The Fault In Our Stars.

X-Men: DOFP will only set you up to be totally bummed out by how not so good Apocalypse was.

It will not kill you not to watch Sin City for a while.

If your son loves kaiju, then move Pacific Rim up in the schedule.

I can't speak on Into The Woods musicals are not usually my thing.  My girlfriend is big on Broadway and dragged me to go and see Les Miserables and I enjoyed it in spite of myself.


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I know they are good - I have seen parts of both. Just not the full things.

Thus why I consider them on my pile still

A bunch of these I actually blame my wife on since a lot of them she wants to watch with me and then we never watch them (I count at least 6 movies that fall in that category)

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You also have the wrinkle of having some stuff on that list that you probably shouldn't when your kid is awake and since we are old men that need our sleep, that narrows the window of opportunity between watching the movie and passing out on the couch.

My days of starting to watch a movie at 11PM that has a two hour run time are far behind me.

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The only minor quarrel I have with J.T.'s list is that I would give more love to Ides Of March and less to The Intern.  The Intern is good enough if you just want something light and breezy, but it was very unfocused, one of those movies that should be 90 minutes but somehow just keeps going until it hits two hours (like, say, Couples Retreat), and I was not a fan of the ending.

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I was watching Inception last night

And no, I'm still not quite entirely sure what the fuck was going on. But DiCaprio's performance in the film is astounding. Maybe this is what he should have won the Oscar for? Not the bear thing.

"I can't imagine you, with all your complexity, all your perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You're just a shade of my wife. You're the best I can do. And I'm sorry, but you are not quite good enough."

His bitterness and unhappiness but, ultimate, unwillingness to accept a dream fantasy, still kinda gets to me. He accepted the truth. He hated it. But he did.  

DiCaprio's best acting moment, by far.  

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I think The Aviator was Dicaprio's finest hour. The last few moments where Hughes realizes that he'll never escape his disorder as he falls victim to another spell is some of the best acting I've ever seen. 

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Okay to steal a page out of Rippa's playbook, since I've been a lazy bastard and have only watched The Addams Family out of the 12-for-$1 pile of VHS I got a couple weeks back, tell me which of these I need to watch (again) next. Consider I still haven't seen Magic or Twelve Chairs and the others... well, lets just say some of them, I've seen A LOT.



Carlito's Way

The Terminator

The Deer Hunter

Die Hard 2

Die Hard With A Vengeance 

Wayne's World

Raising Arizona


Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live

True Romance (Unrated)

The Twelve Chairs


I'm thinking Magic, maybe DKs for a short refresher, and for some reason Wayne's World for the first three picks. Carlito's Way is sitting in the player but I got through 15 minutes of that before going to bed after I put it in the other night.

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The first five I'd watch on your list:

  1. The Deer Hunter
  2. True Romance (unrated)
  3. The Terminator
  4. Die Hard 2
  5. Magic

Honorable Mention going to Wayne's World, Raising Arizona, and The Twelve Chairs.

Carlito's Way is a really good movie but it is just shy of making De Palma's Top 5. (Carrie, Scarface, Blow Out, The Untouchables, Dressed To Kill), and it is pretty much Scarface Lite., so I tend to rank Body Double slightly better....

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Figured since there was a big David Ayer movie coming out (which I can't go and see, because I only go to the movies with my 12 year old son, and Sewer Side Skwod is a 15 in the UK) I might as well watch End of Watch. It was OK... pretty disjointed, more a collection of occasionally connected scenes than a narrative. Great cast, great performances, good soundtrack even, but it's a little hollow. And it tries to have the 'found footage' cake and eat it by having lots of scenes that establish only one person in the scene is filming, and then cutting between multiple during it angles. Plenty of shots where everyone who is filming has their camera in the shot, and yet somehow we can see them.

And with it being very much The LAPD bring you this LAPD movie about some heroic LAPD cops and how noble their everyday sacrifices are in the great and legendary LAPD, it isn't afraid to make cops look weak or stupid*. It's like the whole movie is one long plea for the further militarisation of community policing. Considering how it's disjointed, and they do say "We see more action in one shift than most cops do in a month", could they not have had one scene where a shoplifter or something surrenders immediately? Everything ends in a shootout.

* There's one early scene where they're called to a drunk African American guy's house because he was harassing the postman, and they end up agreeing that one of the cops will fist-fight the guy before they arrest him. And then when they go to book him they find he's on his third strike and so it's life, so they let him off with a caution. Doesn't sound like the Los Angeles Police Department I've been hearing about.

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Watched Fled for the first time since it's release 20 years ago. Anyone remember when Stephen Baldwin was on MTV back in the day, pimping this movie and trying to make "get fled" a phrase? Just think if there was Twitter back then, it would've trended like gangbusters for a good 48 hours...at least!

Cheesy 90s goodness, with a lot of laugh-inducing dialogue for all the wrong reasons. Loved it.

Also discovered American Pop (1981), which is an animated rock opera in the vein of Heavy Metal, et al. This one covers four generations of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, who are essentially the heart and soul of American music in the 20th century. This was a lot of fun.

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Fled was amazing to a 11-year-old me. I never want to look through the peephole of a door, ever, because of that movie. Stephen Baldwin had a good little run there for a minute between The Usual Suspects and Fled. Additionally, I had no idea that The Defiant Ones was a thing at the time and I've had this weird feeling about watching it because I saw Fled probably a good half-dozen times and I don't want it ruined by what is obviously a superior movie (and I love both Poitier and Curtis). One day, I'll watch The Defiant Ones... One day.

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DiCaprio might be one of the most of the surprising acting reveals in Hollywood history.

I saw him in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and he did his best with the shitfest of a script that was Titanic, so I thought: "Well, you have some talent, obviously. But, aren't you just a competently-skilled pretty face who appeals to teenyboppers? How good are you? Really?"

Then he turned out to be an almost prodigiously talented actor. 


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Well, the smart thing he did post-Titanic was to always work with great directors.  Obviously you have all the Scorcese collaborations, but you also see Spielberg, Boyle, Scott, Mendes, etc.  Probably the "least" director he's starred for in the last 20 years is Ed Zwick in BLOOD DIAMOND, and he's not exactly a bum.  He never took the easy cash-ins for rom-coms or blockbuster action flicks (the one time he kinda did, it was INCEPTION with Nolan - another director with a great rep).  Nor did he ever become a Tom Cruise-type who insisted on becoming the chief creative voice on his movies.

He entrusted his career to the hands of great directors, and obviously learned a lot along the way.

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