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Logged in exactly when tickets went on sale and the fucking touts already got them all. Hope they drown in a pool of AIDS. But I had a backup: bought a ticket for Dashboard Confessional at the end of March with the money I had budgeted. I feel... VINDICATED!!!

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On 1/3/2018 at 11:57 PM, OSJ said:

Except for Sister Rosetta Tharpe preceding Ike by about twenty years...

Any questions?

The problem with the "Who invented rock and roll?" question is that there isn't really a hard and fast rule of what rock and roll is.  Sister Rosetta Tharpe is clearly a candidate, but if you go back and listen to "Rocket 88," I don't think you can describe that song as anything but rock and roll.  Sister Rosetta was playing rock guitar solos on gospel records, but Ike and them played a song in a style that couldn't be called gospel, pop, or anything else.  I don't know if Rocket 88 gets made without Sister Rosetta's influence, but rocket 88 is something completely different. 

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