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Pokemon Go!

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New update is out which includes them turning tracking back on

It's different now - still unhelpful in that I only have the grass.

If it will truly have pictures of locations that pokemon are at - I dont see it yet

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The zooming in to locations thing is in beta. They've given it to only a small group of people.  I am not one of them. :(

BTW, this weekend was a rare monster festival in NYC.  I caught an Aerodactyl, a Magmar(!) ran away, and I saw the shadows of a Rhyhorn(!!) and a Dragonite(!!!), but neither spawned. I hate this game sometimes. 

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I see the power saver feature has returned too so i can finally hatch some eggs.

I actually played this as intended over the weekend, as apposed to just occasionally looking at my phone at work or on the way to somewhere. Went to see a buddy of mine who lives in a fairly small village whos been playing it. We went out for an hour or so to hit up some stops and take over a couple of gyms. It's a lot more social in these smaller places. Anyone i see playing it around the city i live in are just eyes glued to the phone not paying attention to people. Over there though there were a whole bunch of people wandering around in the evening playing it, actually acknowledging each other. There were several groups of people at one of the gyms and it must have changed hands half a dozen times while we were walking around. We actually succeeded in taking over a couple. Despite my best Pokemon being around level 300 and the weakest defending a gym was over 700 i could just throw wave after wave of mine until it dropped. Made 20 in gold by the time we were done.

We also did a little old school boosting too. We took over a gym at a pub we stopped at that was pretty much deserted and then just traded it back and forth by leveling a CP10 to defend it.

Went on a lucky egg fueled evolving spree to boost my level some. Ground down all those Rattata and Pidgeys i had into food and force fed the survives into evolving to take advantage of the double XP. I'm sitting just under level 14 now.

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On 11/25/2018 at 7:32 PM, RIPPA said:

If anyone is still playing - I need friends

0977 5783 7202

Stupid game making me be social

I just sent request to you two.  I mainly play it to catch things and my wife sorts it out (I have no idea what I'm doing)  She also sent a request to you two.

If anyone wants to add me I'm NikoBaltimore at 1129 7760 6102.

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22 hours ago, A Guy Named Tracy said:

I sent you and @RIPPA a cool wrestling related gift. VanDwnBytheRivr 

I'll be honest, all this time I added VanDwnBytheRivr to the list and I had no idea it was you.  I thought it was just a random person my wife knew.  But there's one mystery solved.

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