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Bellator 98: Shlemenko vs. Cooper (9/7/2013) - Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena)


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Bellator 98: Schlemenko vs. Cooper
September 7, 2013
Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena)

Bellator Middleweight Championship: Alexander Shlemenko © (183.3) vs. Brett Cooper (184.8) (first defense) - Shlemenko, DEC (unanimous)
Bellator Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Brian Rogers (185) vs. Mikkel Parlo (185) - Parlo, DEC (unanimous)
Bellator Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Giva Santana (185.5) vs. Jason Butcher (184.5) - Butcher, TKO (punches), R2 (1:12)
Bellator Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Justin Torrey (185) vs. Brennan Ward (185.3) - Ward, TKO (punches), R2 (3:28)
Bellator Middleweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Jeremy Kimball (186) vs. Perry Filkins (186)  - Filkins, SUB (neck crank), R3 (4:18)
Patricky Freire (155) vs. Derek Anderson (154) - Anderson, DEC (unanimous)

Spike.com/Unaired Preliminary Card:
Jeff Nader (204) vs. Mike Mucitelli (204) - No Contest (accidental eyepoke to Nader), R1 (1:30)
Josh Diekman (243) vs. Parker Porter (260) - Diekman, TKO (punches), R1 (1:12)
Brylan Van Artsdalen (156) vs. Ryan Quinn (155) - Quinn, SUB (arm triangle choke), R1 (2:34)
Nick Piedmont (145.5) vs. Matt Bessette (144.8) - Bessette, TKO (punches), R1 (1:41)
Glenn Alliar (135) vs. Rico Disciullo (135.3) - Disciullo, KO (elbows), R1 (1:21)

Rating: 437,000 viewers

Cancelled Bouts:
Alexander Shlemenko vs. Doug Marshall - Injury to Marshall (Hand)
Andreas Spang vs. Brett Cooper - Cooper Moved to Main Event
Dan Cramer vs. Perry Filkins - Cramer Withdrew
Joe Riggs vs. Mike Bronzoulis - Injury to Riggs (Eye)
Joe Warren vs. Nick Kirk - Injury to Warren (Concussion)
Dave Vitkay vs. Brennan Ward - Ward Moved to Main Card as Replacement
Justin Torrey vs. Andreas Spang - Spang Removed By Commission
Andrew Calandrelli vs. Ryan Quinn - Calandrelli Removed From Bout

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Dave Meltzer said on the newest edition of WOR that Warren got knocked out in training and is out of the Kirk fight. Fight Network says that Kirk's team was told that Warren was cleared to fight a week ago and the fight is a go. Bellator hijinks.

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That main event was a absolute blast and was a fan-damn-tastic free basic-cable fight. By the end, I was cheering pretty hard for Cooper just because Shlemenko kept going for those spinning back fists (I think he was 1 for 10, maybe) and kept doing that ridiculous taunting after he got rocked. 


There were sections of the Rogers-Parlo fight where they reminded me of Rock Em Sock Em Robots, just standing in one place hitting each other.


As soon as I said to myself "man, that Butcher guy looks awkward in there, like he doesn't really belong," he knocks the old man out. Old man - he's younger than me and is retiring. Even if I wanted to be a cagefighter like my hero Kip Dynamite, I'm too old. :(


I just hate I missed the Torrey-Ward fight, from reading about it.

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