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RAW IS SETH ROLLZZzzzzzzz (5/23/16...except the opening which was 5/23/15)


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On 5/26/2016 at 9:38 PM, Overly Critical Man said:

Depending on your definition of over, Roman is more over than any of them right now. 

If you're counting Roman being booed to hell and back most of the time as "over" when he's a face, then you have to count Rollins getting face reactions bigger than the "new face of the company".

Going all the way back to Royal Rumble 2015, he was getting standing ovations after matches (might not have made air, I can't remember, but it's on YouTube). He was even getting cheered at the Slammys last year. Not to mention that huge pop he got last Monday night - but I'm sure most people will take those last two examples and say it's only because the guy is/was injured that he's getting face reactions.

Of course, you put Reigns in that same scenario and his reactions won't change - he'll still get booed. Fact is, people will cheer anyone who entertains them. Seth Rollins entertains people, I don't think the fans in the live audience are only cheering him now because he's coming back from an injury. That's the weakest excuse I've ever heard. To most people, the fact that Rollins is one character but wrestles like a different one (Matt's argument from earlier in the thread and from March Madness) - it doesn't matter. He's entertaining and people like him. I guess he got a big reaction at WrestleMania 31 and cashing in MITB because... what, it's MITB and people only pop for the cash-ins? Because it's a smarky crowd? Which directly conflicts with the argument that was had in another thread where people were saying it's an out of date concept and it's not a surprise anyone. People POPPED for it during the main event, and if you put Rusev or (someone that's a little lower on the food chain) in that situation, it's not going to create the same reaction.

Not trying to beat up on you, OCM, but I think moving forward, Rollins is going to prove to be the most over out of the three from The Shield. Roman gets that "Fuck You" heat from the male portion of the crowd, "I want to fuck you" reaction from the females and the "I miss John Cena" from the kids. Which one is more vocal? One guess. Ambrose is just in purgatory right now, but he's proven he can bounce back. For a period of time, he was definitely the most over out of the three and was getting HUUUGE pops. Rollins, once a few months had passed from the Shield break-up and Rollins proved he was entertaining (even though the general consensus on this board is that he isn't), he was starting to get face reactions from live crowds and it was building to that moment where he finally turns on Haitch and the Authority. They're continuing that story it seems, and I don't think Rollins will be a "heel" too much longer. Nevermind the fact that the crowds generally hate Reigns and won't allow Rollins to be a classically booed heel.

That's my rant for the night. And yes, I'm a biased Rollins mark, obviously. Always have been. And I'll make a controversial statement to close it out: Within the confines of WWE, he's better on the microphone than Reigns or Ambrose. Outside of WWE? Definitely Ambrose, though.

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