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UFC Fight Night 88: Almeida vs. Garbrandt (5/29/2016) - Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Events Center)


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UFC Fight Night 88: Almeida vs. Garbrandt 
May 29, 2016 
Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Events Center)

Thomas Almeida (136) vs. Cody Garbrandt (135.5) - Garbrandt, KO (punches), R1 (2:53)
Renan Barão (146) vs. Jeremy Stephens (146) - Stephens, DEC (unanimous)
Tarec Saffiedine (170) vs. Rick Story (171) - Story, DEC (unanimous)
Chris Camozzi (186) vs. Vitor Miranda (186) - Camozzi, DEC (unanimous)
Jorge Masvidal (170.5)  vs. Lorenz Larkin (171) - Larkin, DEC (split)
Josh Burkman (156) vs. Paul Felder (155.5) - Felder, DEC (unanimous)

Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Card:
Sara McMann (135.5) vs. Jessica Eye (134.5) - McMann, DEC (unanimous)
Abel Trujillo (155.5) vs. Jordan Rinaldi (156) - Trujillo, DEC (unanimous)
Jake Collier (185.5) vs. Alberto Uda (185) - Collier, TKO (spinning back kick) (1:06)
Erik Koch (155.5) vs. Shane Campbell (156) - Koch, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (3:02)

Fight Pass Preliminary Card:
Aljamain Sterling (135.5) vs. Bryan Caraway (135.5) - Caraway, DEC (split)
Chris De La Rocha (243)  vs. Adam Milstead (235) - Milstead, TKO (referee stoppage), R2 (4:01)

Event Bonuses ($50,000):
Performance of the Night: Jake Collier
Performance of the Night: Cody Garbrandt
Fight of the Night: Renan Barão vs. Jeremy Stephens

Attendance: 5,193
Gate: $359,000
Rating: 757,000 viewers

Cancelled Fights:
Keith Berish vs. Jake Collier - Injury to Berish
Erik Koch vs. Joe Proctor - Injury to Proctor
Abel Trujillo vs. Carlos Diego Ferreira - Ferreira Removed From Card After Being Flagged For Banned Substance 

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Re: Cody Garbrandt's strategy against Almeida via MMA Fighting

I wonder if that is actually his gameplan or just a fake out. If it's the former, then he may believe he has the crisper striking and that'll be the difference. Also, the fight will be insane for however long it lasts. However, I have to believe it is the latter. Garbrandt is the second wrestler Almeida has fought in the UFC (Birchak being the 1st IIRC), but easily the most decorated and able to actually use his skills. Why would you allow Thomas Almeida to do the one thing that can give him the win? I don't think Almeida is Terminator and he can walk through strikes, but the wrestling defense is something that is shaky enough to exploit for 25 minutes. You stand with Almeida for several minutes potentially without knocking him out, that's going to end with you taking a nap eventually. Is Garbrandt confusing Almeida's vulnerability with his own ability to withstand punishment? I mean if you're saying in an interview that fighters shouldn't have to show that toughness and heart are their biggest traits (and I sorta agree to a point), then what's the point of saying you're going to go tit-for-tat with Almeida? It makes no sense.

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Poor ladies.  Any other day McMann vs. Eye would've made the main card, but not when both competitors are on a two fight skid.  This may be a match to see who gets to keep their spot on the roster.

Speaking of keeping their spots on the roster, Rick Story must have pictures of Rogan and Dana's wife together or something.

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Story is actually on a win streak. However, he has been hurt and/or had fights fall through. His last real loss (the Maia fight where blood came squirting out of his face) was back in October 2012.


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2 minutes ago, J.T. said:

His win streak dates back to 2014. 

Shit, I can say that I am on a two fight win streak and I haven't competed in a kumite since 2003

They don't cut people coming off wins. They can choose not to renew their contracts like they did with Lucas Martins. They told him to get a couple wins out of the UFC and they will re-sign him. Story has been injured. That's nothing you can really do about that.

Also, I don't if you've noticed but there a lot of people on the UFC roster who have been inactive for a variety of reasons. Liz Carmouche had a serious back injury and hasn't fought for more than a year. I don't think they should cut her. Hell, we don't even have to look far for examples. Look at Erik Koch's Tapology page. It looks fucking insane. Like God doesn't want him to fight or win. His last victory was against TRATOR OLIVEIRA on the Rousey vs. McMann card. Koch is still talented enough to be on the roster. The same goes with Story, who beat Gunnar Nelson convincingly.

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Really looking forward to the two key bantamweight fights. With the bantamweight title fight being next week, I really wonder if the winner of the main event gets the next shot. The UFC could just wait a month and see what happens in Assuncao/Dillashaw II. With the amount of young talent coming up at 135 (counting Dillashaw who won the belt, Tom Duquesnoy who will probably be in the UFC shortly, and Darrion Caldwell), it's a pretty intriguing division. Between Thominhas, Garbrandt, Sterling, someone is getting UFC title shot sooner than later. I'm surprised some people in the MMA media believe that it's going to be awhile before that happens. Bantamweight isn't that big of a division. Plus, I don't think there is a tremendous gulf that you have at featherweight for example. At featherweight, you have/had three premium talents in Aldo, Edgar, and McGregor. You have someone like Mendes and the young talent in the division still developing. However, there is a clear division between the parties because the division has been able to play out for the last 2-4 years plus the influx of ex lightweights. Bantamweight has gotten old featherweights (and also a former flyweight in Lineker), but you haven't had these type of matchups at 135 ever I don't think. We are way past the days of Miguel Torres vs. Manny Tapia.

Also, looking forward to seeing how Barao looks against Stephens. Stephen is a tough matchup, but he is always vulnerable in that sometimes he fights against his strengths. When it comes to weight, Barao is looking better but after the weight cut is what matters. Can he go for an extended amount of time or did the Dillashaw fights take something out of him? Can he stand to the power of someone who can really punch at 145? I think if he gets Stephens to the ground, he can really run game on him.

Koch vs. Campbell should be a fun, standup fight. I think the same goes for Saffiedine vs. Story.

Larkin vs. Gamebred has the potential to be a real barnburner. I don't think Masvidal can fight the same fight Tumenov did against Larkin even though that's more of his style. Larkin will eat him up with low kicks.

Burkman vs. Felder could go one of two ways. Burkman figures out a way to outwork Felder over 15 minutes or Felder just demolishes him.


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1 hour ago, Oyaji said:

Is the plan for the UFC to run free shows on Sunday until the NFL starts up again? It just feels weird watching UFC on Sundays. 

I think it depends on Fox's wishes. I think because there aren't too many Fight Pass only cards anymore, you're going to have Saturday/Sunday morning/afternoon or Sunday evening cards on FS1.

The Sunday cards don't feel weird imo. The random show mid week last year (Mir vs. Duffee) was weird. Not feeling mid week MMA.

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Caraway is an interesting matchup for him. He is someone who usually fights for the entirety of the fight. He's a pretty decent wrestler and submission grappler. Sometimes, Sterling starts slow in fights. However, when he turns it up, it's very hard to stop. Caraway has had trouble with fighters who beat him to edging out rounds and people who are physically stronger than him. I remember his loss to Brandao on TUF was brutal and probably one of the most sided fights I've seen on the show. He got smoked in that fight. At 135, he has had a better go in the strength department. If Caraway can steal round 1 somehow and slow Sterling from switching gears, it could get interesting. If Sterling stops his takedowns and gets his offense going, it could get really ugly for Caraway. Again, really looking forward to how this plays out.

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I think I want Sterling to win all of the fights so kids will listen to golden age hip hop and bring that fashion sense back. ZULU NATION REVIVAL!

Caraway's got TOO MUCH ON HIS MIND, so Sterling will put his ass to sleep.

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