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[Best Of] Top 110 Movies of 2010 - 2014


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Four of mine dropped from this batch. Skyfall was #13, The Cabin in the Woods #31, Interstellar placed #38 and Birdman one place below.

My highest vote still in there is #16, lowest at #50 if I've crossed out on my ballot all the films in the countdown to date.

I knew Guardians of the Galaxy was loved here but not to this level.

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5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - 2010 - Edgar Wright (580 Points, 8 Votes)  
High Votes -  @hobo joe #1, @EVA #3

I should revisit this one, but I never got the love for this. I understand people are largely blindly in love with Wright, but this didn't work for me at all when it was released.

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Finally got back onto my computer that had my list.  So here's my Top 10 of doom!

10. It's Such A Beautiful Day: The only thing that I watched for the poll that hit me JUST RIGHT.

09. Under the Skin: Surprised to see it so high.  I mean, I dig it, but I can see a lot of people being put off by it.

08. Seven Psychopaths: One of my favourite writer films that's kinda meta, but also just really good.  Christopher Walken should have gotten an Oscar nom. for this one.

07. Silver Linings Playbook: This is a perfect romantic comedy, IMO.  Two good-looking, likable leads.  Just schmaltzy enough without being overly schmaltzy.  Great supporting cast (The look on Jacki Weaver's face when Jennifer Lawrence's character mentions her helping to set everything up is just so perfect in a movie of perfect performances).  And that last swooping crane shot: *swoon*!

06. The Great Beauty: When this came out, I read the write-up about it being about a man fed up with the party scene in Italy and how it references and encompassed all these historical Italian films I went "Bo-ring!" and put it off for years.  But instead, it's actually this great little musing on getting old and life and death and love and all that good stuff.  And it's visually staggering.

05. Drive: What more needs to be said, really?!  It's great.

04. Four Lions: This is never not funny.  Just brilliantly dark stuff.

03. Her: A surprising #1 in a lot of ways, but on a board of mostly (All?) guys, it kind of makes sense in that regard, too.

02. Mud: I have a seemingly limitless capacity for watching this one.  I love the way it goes from laid-back and breezy, to old-fashioned kids adventure, then goes harshly on a dime into violent and intense.

01. The Tree of Life: A serious candidate for ,y #1 spot on the best of all-time list.  This is basically film as art, for me.  I love the way that, depending on your mood/viewpoint/religious beliefs, the entire film can play as a tribute or refutation of organized religion/God/the afterlife.  It's either a vision of what lies beyond, or all just a dream.  It's completely up to the viewer.

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