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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/31/16

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TNA Impact Wrestling - Airing May 31, 2016 from Orlando, FL

*Ethan Carter III promo with Mike Bennett, confirming they will face each other at Slammiversary. EC3 announces he is running the show tonight. EC3 says since he's in charge, Mike Bennett will be the custodian while Maria will have a job evaluation. EC3 announces tonight Drew Galloway & Lashley will pick each other's opponents. Drew picks Bram to face Lashley.

*Bram def. Lashley via DQ when Lashley used a steel chair. After the match, Lashley continues to beat down Bram until Drew Galloway runs him off.

*After the match, Eli Drake cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase and defeated Bram to win the King of the Mountain Championship.

*The BroMans (w/ Raquel) def. Rockstar Spud & Tyrus in a match where Mike Bennett was guest referee via submission on Spud forcing Bennett to call for the bell.

*Al Snow, Baron Dax, & Basille Baracca come out for a promo. They are known as The Tribunal and want to keep out those who do not deserve to be in the business. Grado & Mahabali Shera interrupt. Al Snow lectures them about not using weapons. A brawl breaks out where Snow uses a steel chair on Grado & Shera.

*Gail Kim & Jade def. Allie & Sienna when Jade pinned Allie after the Package Piledriver

*EC3 does Maria's job evaluation. He calls out Gail Kim for the verdict which leads to the announcement of Gail Kim vs. Maria for Slammiversary.

*Mike Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) def. James Storm after interference from Maria. After the match, EC3 distracted Bennett, allowing Storm to recover and hit the Last Call.

*Drew Galloway def. Decay in a handicap match with the Future Shock on Crazzy Steve after Lashley interfered and accidentally speared Abyss.



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It must end where it all began! The Hardy saga was hilarious, like an ongoing movie throughout impact. And Reby throwing a doll like it was Maxell, Jeff's reaction ruled.

Fun stuff with EC3's antics throughout the night and even more Maria/Bennett than usual. Still loving their feud though. That + Galloway/Lashley has me looking forward to Slammiversary. Liked the flow of the opening segment in to first match followed by the cash in then later with Maria's job evaluation leading in to the tag leading in to Bennett's match. Also thought the BroMans looked very good in their quick match, enjoying them as babyfaces. Eli Drake screwing with random backstage people was great too.

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I thought this was a hilarious show. EC3 was actually good as a babyface GM, we got more sub-porno level acting from Raquel, and all of the Hrady stuff had me cracking up. I also loved Robbie's "trust the process" during their pool bit. Cranky Al Snow remains the most genuinely enjoyable part of the show, and now he gets sidekicks! And they have some of the hardest to remember names in TNA history - yay! Oh, and Pepper Parks has a gig now so they can get the most use out of their money because they've also got his wife under contract too. Good for him I guess. Maybe he can feud with Eli over the prestigious TNA Legends/Global/World TV/King of the Mountain Title. And Jeff is a goddamn idiot taking that bump off the apron on a thick table with nothing to break his fall but either a thick post or concrete. That definitely hurt him more than Shane flying off the cell at WM.


Screens -

Got a jobber vibe? Fix it with a SHINY GOLD JACKET!







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I like the new internet narrative that Matt Hardy is trying to look and talk himself into a homeless version Mark Gullen from Memphis.

 At this rate bringing in a version of YOMAMBA THE JUNGLE SAVAGE to TNA can't be the worst thing he has done this year. 

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I overall really enjoyed this episode.  Impact's been pretty damn good lately, and I love the big feuds they have going on.  Lashley/Galloway, EC3/Bennett and Maria/Gail make sense and are matches that could be worth checking out.  And I love, love, love Decay.  They're into what they're doing and it's been paying off for them. Heck, even Al Snow somehow became interesting.  If it was a younger guy that did old school heel tactics I'd say make him champion.  But Al and his French henchmen has been fun.   However, I feel bad because due to it being TNA it could be too little too late.  Even if they survive like the wrestling cockroaches they've been, the TNA stink it has is too much for many to get past.

And for the good feuds they have going, the Hardy feud should just die a thousand deaths.  It WAS good until the LMS match.  As soon as the Willow stuff and Matt's change of demeanor started it went to shit big-time.  I have no interest in either guy, and all of it last night was super corny and hokey.  Jeff falling on that table then concrete is one of the dumbest things he's done, and it's all for nothing.  Damn, I hate this feud.

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2 hours ago, NickMD said:

  Jeff falling on that table then concrete is one of the dumbest things he's done,

I agree, and given how many dumb bumps Jeff has taken over the years, that covers an awful lot of ground.

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Of course it's real! That looked soooo painful. Why on earth would he take that bump for a shitty vignette? Why on earth would they work it so he landed dead middle on that style of table?! 

Matt rolling out of the ring and getting caught up for a second was another good bit. I have watched it 5 times now and all of the build-up vids on TNA's youtube page. Fantastic.

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I kept re-watching that table spot hoping against hope that was a dummy that Matt sent through it.  Nope, that was Jeff, which is pretty much the same thing in this case.  Worse yet, he was apparently sober for this.  At least when he was on drugs before it numbed the pain.  This time around he's just feeling a whole lot of regret.

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This came up on Pluto I haven't seen much if any of this era of TNA/Impact Wrestling aside from the hardy stuff. So I decided to watch this.

Mike Bennett and Maria come out. Mike is wrestling EC# at Slammiversary. EC3 is in charge tonight and Mike Bennett is a janitor tonight. Lashley is next out and he wants something. EC3 says tonight Drew Galloway, Lashley's opponent at Slammiversary will pick his opponent and same with Lashley. 

Back from break and we have a replay of what happened "moments ago". I'm gonna say this once but I don't like the moments ago recaps in TNA. If you are watching TNA on PopTV then you are most likely gonna watch it you aren't flipping threw the channels and see this and stop on it you either planned on watching it or you didn't. I guess if you had something going on and missed the beginning of the show then thats nice.

Then we get a skit in the bathroom with Bennett and EC3? whose the heel and whose the face in this.

Back to Drew and Lashley. Drew choices Bram as Lashleys opponent. I've seen Thom Latimer in the Wild Cards tag team on NWA Powerrr. But this is my first time seeing him as Bram in TNA. Bram is the King of the Mountain Champion. AKA the TNA Midcard Championship and if any company every had an out and out Midcard Championship it was TNA. This match was a fun watch, two guys beating the hell out of each other. Bram is great as the Babyface whose buddies with the Number 1 babyface ala Drew. Lashley was a great Heel in this they were fighting on the outside at one point and Lashley choked Bram out with his headband without the ref seeing in. I was enjoying this match. It was a really good match truth be told, then they fucked it all up when Lashley hit Bram with a chair and gets DQed. Lashley spears Bram and then Drew runs out and chases Lashley out of the ring. Eli Drake then comes out with his Not a MITB Contract Briefcase but a Feast or Fired briefcase and goes for the pin on a seemingly unconscious Bram, Bram kicks out. After a breif skirmish Drake wins the TNA King of the Mountain Championship. Alot of shit happened. This show aired almost 9 years after the last IMPACT! I watched and this looks and feels different from that TNA but theres still some similarities. If Bram was gonna lose to Eli all along why didn't they just have Lashley pin Bram clean? Lashley is facing Drew Galloway, Brams boy at Slammiversary so if the DQ was to protect Bram, what harm would Lashley pinning Bram clean have done? Lashley could have speared him, hit him with another spear pinned him hit him with a chair then Drew comes out either chases Bobby off or they start brawling with each other and go into the crowd and out of the IMPACT Zone! while Drake runs down and tries to get a cheap victory then Bram kicks out and puts up a fight like he did in real life and there's no problem in Bram taking two clean pins. the problem would be how you handle the Title loss smart Money would tell youBram wins it back at the PPV looking at results thats not what TNA did.

Whose the women with Robbie E and Godderz? I'm a big fan.

Another bathroom skit. Earl did some damage in the toilet.

Another 'moments ago" of Eli winning the King of the Mountain Championship. Eli is backstage throwing a party for himself like he just pinned Okada in the Tokyo Dome. This turns into Eli Drake throwing Champagne in production crew members faces. Eli Drake rules.

Now we got a tag match Rockstar Spud and Tyrus vs The Bromans with Mike Bennett as the ref. EC3 declared so in the bathroom. Match was fine, they kept it short. The big theme was Mike couldn't be bothered to do his job as ref. Robbie played the Ricky Morton. Jesse Drove onto Spud and Tyrus on the outside. Jesse got Spud in a Boston Crab and Mike signaled for the bell.

Maria is on the phone complaining to Billy Corgan. EC3 hangs up the phone. Is he mad with power or just mad?

Maria Allie and Sienna join EC3 in the ring. I'm sure to talk. must be the top of the hour, wouldn't be TNA without an in ring talking segment at the top of the hour. I only kid. EC3 is kind of a dick head, bossing the women around. This is like Maria's job evaluation as The Leader of The Knockouts. This bring out Gail Kim. "As Bone Thugs would say a bit of a crossroads here" is a thing Josh Matthews on commentary. EC3 asks what Gail wants. Gail says she wants a match with Maria at Slammiversary.

This all leads into our fourth match of the night Gail Kim and Jade vs Allie and Sienna. EC3 and Maria have a sit at ringside. This match was good. standard tag match. If you can believe it I got a phone call during this match so it only got half my attention. Jade hits a double underhook piledriver on Allie for the 3.

Mike Bennett starts yelling about shit in the ring. EC3 makes a match between Mike Bennett and James Storm. James Storm enters on his beer cooler cart. James Storm was in TNA for 13 years the first 13 years of the company he was around for a lot of charges alot of regimes alot of everything. His gimmick went through alterations as well even though he was always The Cowboy James Storm. He looks like idk this is maybe his IDK what I'm suppose to be phase he's in tights hes wearing his Shirt with the sleeves cut off and a bandana. Mike Bennett is wrestling in street clothes. Match is ok if not a tad boring. The more the match went the more i was entertained by it. There's nothing really to say of note they had a wrestling match until Maria distracted James Storm and Mike rolled Storm up for the 3. Bennett has to be the heel he won with a heel finish, plus he's way more likable than EC3. Also EC3 said earlier that he wasn't gonna have Mike wrestle tonight as he didn't want him to get hurt and not face him, EC3 at The PPV then Cuz Mike wants to stop mopping up the bathroom EC3 puts him in a match? Way to undermine your own reasoning. Are we sure Russo wasn't still shadow booking at this time? EC3 cuts a promo and then James Storm kicks Mike in the face. 

Al Snow has a French tag team. They are called The Tribunal. So this is Al Snow doing a Grumpy Old Man Gimmick? One of the French Guys speaks french then speaks in english. He gets What chants. Of Course he does. The other French Guy speaks english Reign of Terror is a term he used. He doesn't get What chants but he doesn't really leave pauses for them to happen. A USA Chant starts cuz of course they do. This may be my least favorite thing on the show. Al Snow starts talking about Grado now, shows footage of beating Grado last week in a hardcore match with a wrestling move. Grado and a guy who looks a little bit like Hector Garza. Grado says things I can't understand him. We get more footage and The Tribunal interfered and Snow used a weapon before the wrestling move. Grado and Not Hector Garza run into the ring and fight The Tribunal. Al hits Not Hector Garza with a chair. Tribunal whoops some ass. This was too long. The time it took to introduce The Tribunal and bury them by having them talk. They could have had a squash match then Al Could have done the Grado stuff and we could have ended with the same result. This whole segment was almost 9 minutes. I added the segment in here as I think if you wanna see it you should.

We see clips from the week prior of the closing moments of an Ultimate X Match, between Eddie Edwards, Trevor Lee, DJ Z and Andrew Everrett. Eddie had the match won. Shane Helms distracted the ref, Eddie dropped the belt Trevor caught it ref saw the belt in Trevors favor.

Braxton Stutter aka The Blade has a Video Package about how he's the journeyman vet on the indie scene he finally is in the big times. This wasn't bad but a tad bland.

It's Lashley's turn to pick Drew Galloways Opponent, and Lashley picks The Decay. Yup the entire Decay, oh Bobby Lashley you scamp you. I get Drew Galloway is your World Champion and your World Champion should look strong and if there ever is a guy in contemporary wrestling thank you should make the impenetrable babyface there is a good case for Drew Galloway but if Drew Galloway is gonna take on 3 people at once and win spoiler Drew wins. Then maybe his opponent should win clean to in their match instead of deliberately losing the match for themselves with a chair shot in front of the ref? It's not like Drew made quick work of Decay, Abyss kicked his ass around the shop alittle bit. It wasn't a one sided match. Rosemary hit some offense on Drew leading to Crazzy Steve eating a backbreaker. Rosemary pulls out the Baseball bat with the spikes in it otherwise known as Janice. Lashley runs in the ring Drew gets out of the way and Lashley spears Abyss before being tossed out of the ring by Drew. Drew hits a Claymore Kick on Steve for the 3. Thats the point i'm trying to make, Lashley looked liked an idiot with the finish and he looked like and idiot in the first match and he ran around from Drew. You got your World Champion beating three people at once and he's going into a PPV with a Challenger who has been made to look like a complete doofus. Who would pay to see that match? also if you were judging from this show alone, the big angle going into the PPV is Mike Bennett vs EC3 not even the World Title Match.

The Main Event of the show is the contract signing between Matt and Jeff Hardy. It's Early Broken Hardys and its great, they showed segment's of it throughout the show but I'm gonna post the youtube video because i'm not gonna be able to give it justice. Also of the Two Impact's i've watched in the past two days were almost 9 years apart and featured contract signings one of new talent one for a match but still the more things change the more they stay the same. 


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