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On 4/24/2016 at 3:02 AM, turk128 said:


Here, according a friend on Facebook, is a list of the rest of the nominees: 

Austin Taliban Elementary School
Ayn Rand Elementary
Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary

Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance (eight nominations)
Bruce Lee Elementary (three nominations)
Communist Elementary
Drew Brees Elementary (three nominations)
Dwayne Johnson Elementary School
Flava Flav Elementary
Forgetting Your Past, Dooms You to Repeat It Elementary
Generic School Name
Hypothetical Perfect Person Memorial Elementary School
James Earl Ray Elementary School
Jefferson Davis Elementary (three nominations)
John Cena Elementary School
Kanye West Elementary (two nominations)
Kim Il-Sung High School (two nominations)
Leadership & Excellence in Education (LEE)
Lee Elementary (thirteen nominations)
Lil Jon Elementary
Mack Brown Elementary
Malcolm X (two nominations)
Nathan Bedford Forrest Elementary School (two nominations)
Neil deGrasse Tyson
O.J. Simpson Elementary
Pat Tillman Elementary School (four nominations)
Politically Correct Elementary School #1
Raul Castro Elementary
Revisionist Elementary School
Richard Pryor Elementary (six nominations)
Rudolf Hess Primary
School of Progressive and Socialist Studies
Schoolie McSchoolface

EDIT: Also, thou shalt not disparage the good name of the Toecutter! Matt Hardy is half the man he was. And don't forget to remember the Night Rider when you look up at the night sky

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18 hours ago, AxB said:

When did Homicide and Mafia make up? I thought Homicide wanted to kill Mafia dead as hell for ever?

They patched things up years ago... most likely around 2008 as that's when Maff started working shows again.

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Indy Miz still cracks me up. If you look at that guy when that picture was taken and say in about seven or eight years he'll not only headline a Wrestlemania as a heel WWE Champion but win the match (doesn't matter how), most people would say what ever drugs you are on, you should get your money back.

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