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On 1/9/2019 at 3:54 PM, Robert s said:

That Tommy stuff is the kind of humor that I usually don't like (the kind of humor that only Vince finds funny), though somehow this works perfectly on this show. Tommy as the young girl almost had me in tears. Dzring the Okinawa scene while they went through the "oh, you speak Japanese" stuff, internally I was going for "please let him be called Kendo Nagasaki, please" and then they went their. So obvious yet (or maybe therefore) still great.

I think the only Dreamer stuff that bothers me is the running character of him as the old man in the business.  The segments are great although I don't get why they all have to end with Tommy pretending to pull his dick out in front of little kids.  First time it was hilarious now it is getting awkwardly weird 

In terms of over the top acting on this show, Beth Phoenix is really good.   Much better than Edge

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The last episode was really weird. I think that this season peaked somewhere in the middle and dragged on towards the end, as if they ran out of ideas halfway through.

One thing: if the chumpstain challenge is not worked (and so far I never had the feeling that it was), then the Tommy Dreamer quiz had to be really frightening for Christian.

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