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On March 30, 2016 at 2:49 PM, El Dragon said:

So apparently on the Raw after Mania, the Divas title is being re-renamed the Womens Title again, with a new belt.

I knew it was coming. The main roster kept saying "divas" while NXT were calling them "women wrestlers". Something had to give. Glad it's diva that's getting the boot. 

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20 minutes ago, Infinit said:

Watching the Sting doc and wondering...

Did Sting face Terra Ryzing/Jean Paul Levesque in WCW?

And if they did, is that the longest time ever in between 2 matches for 2 guys? (1995-2015)

Cagematch indicates the WrestleMania match is the only time they were in the ring together.

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6 hours ago, Valcourt said:

Just read on 411mania that Ambrose cleared a Million dollars last year. 

For some reason that makes me happy. I hope Bryan has made MUCH more than that the last 3 years.

The tricky part of this is that Dean only accepts payment in spools of copper because he once heard that rich people move money around through wire transfers. 

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