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Super Bowl Snacks

Vincey Greene

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Spicy Asian Grilled Chicken - The store was completely out of wings, so we went full-size drumsticks. Marinated in soy, garlic, hoisin, etc., grilled, then dunked in Frank's Red Hot and put back on the grill to get a little char. Sounds like a flavor clash but it isn't.


Stuffed Jalepenos - Whole peppers halved longways, stuffed with cream cheese and cheddar and baked in the oven.


Bite-size Twice-Baked Potatoes - Little potatoes halved, and filled with sour cream, cheddar, and bacon.

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This sounds good!  You'll have to pass along the recipe.




Here is the recipe


Having made it, it was good, but the wife and I have already decided to change a few things up.  First, instead of putting the mozzarella cheese on as it's own layer, we're going to add it to the ricotta mixture.  When it was straight out of the oven, it was a little tough to get through the mozzarella layer with the pita crackers , once it cooled a bit it was impossible.  Second, it needs more marinara sauce, one cup just isn't enough.  We're going to make this again for Fastlane, I think we're going to put the meatballs as the second layer and the marinara sauce as the top layer, with maybe just a touch of olive oil on the top so the sauce doesn't dry out too much.  We're also going to make it in a french bread ring, like we did our spinach and artichoke dip yesterday.  If you're skeptical of the packaged french bread dough, I can say as someone that doesn't care for canned biscuits or cresent rolls the french bread is really good.  We had to cook it an extra ten minutes for the bread to be done all the way through, but it was definitely worth it.  Reheating the whole thing in the oven later  made the bread even better, as it got that really nice, crunchy/crusty exterior to it.  


We actually used italian sausage links instead of meatballs and I'm sure you could just brown some ground beef and get much the same effect if you don't want to use frozen meatballs or make your own.  I think adding some cooked onions and peppers to either the meat layer or the sauce layer would take it to another level regardless of what meat you use--we might try that the next time we make it.  The recipe is definitely a good base, but there is a better dip in there if you experiment a little bit.

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