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TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 1/19/16

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*Taped for Xplosion: Jade def. Chelsea


TNA Impact Wrestling - Airing January 19, 2016 from Bethlehem, PA


*Show opens with Jeff Hardy coming to the ring and calling Matt Hardy out as he is concerned about Matt putting his career on the line against EC3 in the main event but Matt is confident and reassures him. Tyrus interrupts and challenges Jeff to a match later but Jeff says he'll fight right now..


*Jeff Hardy def. Tyrus via DQ.


*Gail Kim def. Awesome Kong to retain the knockouts championship. the Beautiful People stopped the Dolhouse from interfering.


*Beer Money def. Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz


*"The Miracle" Mike Bennett (w/ Maria) def. Pepper Parks


*Kurt Angle comes out to talk about his Farewell Tour. Bobby Lashley comes out to praise Angle. Lashley says he can't get over Angle beating him last year so he challenges him to one more match between them which Angle accepts.


*Mr. Anderson def. Eric Young via DQ when Bram interfered. After the match, Young and Bram beat down Anderson until Beer Money make the save.


*Matt Hardy def. Ethan Carter III to become the new TNA Worlds Heavyweight Champion after a double-turn where Tyrus aligned with Matt.


Edited to add in the main.

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They just taped the Last Man Standing match. Matt wins the title with the help of Tyrus in a double turn.

I should add: I think they were going for the double turn. Hardy definitely went heel with a post match promo. I'm assuming EC3 turns by default. He tried to get a face reaction as he left the ring.

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So, let me get this straight... they had EC3 get this mega undefeated push, and he carries his end up.  They base everything around him, then take the title off him without him losing.  Then they run an angle where EC3 gets a court order to keep Hardy off TV, so he surrenders the belt.  Then because they don't know if they have TV after the New Year, they take this massive amount of matches and cut it together into a tournament, then have EC3 win the tourny.  Then they put the belt *RIGHT* back on Hardy, with a double turn, which makes no sense in any context, ending EC3's streak in the name of World Champion Matt Hardy, who seems to be past it and really shouldn't be World Champ...


And this promotion wonders why no one takes it seriously?

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I really don't understand why companies keep putting those two against each other, have they ever had a good match together? And if they haven't, does anyone really think they're going to start now?


The 2/3 Falls match in OMEGA is the only I remember it being at least good.


That was also almost 20 years ago

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I had a feeling that Reby was going to be the person mostly responsible for this heel turn.  I was worried that she was going to do this entire stuff with the baby in her hand which would have made the angle go from dumb to disgusting pretty quick


So now he is called Big Time Matt which is apparently about his wealth and not his waistline  

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