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UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor (12/12/2015) - Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand Garden Arena)


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i'm good either way.

if he fights Conor again in 6 months in a big rematch, that's cool. dude's been the champ forever and it's his first loss in 10 years. totally deserves it.

if he gets another fight against a top 10 guy in the interim, with the winner potentially getting a title shot, that's fine too. He was decisively knocked out.

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Weidman must be still kicking himself about the spinning kick. Didn't he learn from Nick Diaz about that spinning shit?

I think the spinning kick thing is overstated.  He tried something and it didn't work, it happens in every single fight.  The answer can't be to fight conservatively and hope nothing bad happens.  He was in a close fight and took a risk to see if he could turn the tide of the fight.  He could have fought cautiously and still lost, and then we'd be sitting here talking about how he should have tried something to turn the tide.  I hope he's not kicking himself for being agressive and trying to win a fight, despite the fact that it didn't work out.

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