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Raw 11-23-15 is Dream Sequences and Jamborees


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Fucking awful show. Just boring shit from beginning to end, outside of the divas match and a brief sign of life with Heath Slater being amusing. Main event was okay, and at least Barrett gets to be used in a main event angle again - so hopefully they make the most of this and at least gets some new acts heated up.




Screens - 






Kofi with the best hair in the company






Viva La Paige





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Easily the best RAW in a month. Great main event.


Easily the least boring Authority promo since I started watching again. I'm sure it's a coincidence it's the one where Triple H talked the least.


Plus there was a dream sequence involving Torito, a cowboy hat, and a hamburger.


Worst thing about the show was HEY IMAGINE IF FUCKING NEW DAY ACTUALLY WON A MATCH. Liked most everything else in some way.


Good crowd too. Nashville is alright.

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Apparently Heath Slater and Jack Swagger are still employed.


Then there was that segment with Henry, JBL, and Torrito.




Good to see the writers are going back to the "all heel divas have to be crazy for no reason" storyline.


I can't believe I'm typing this, but I actually kind of dug the opening staredown between HHH and Reigns.  A program with the two of them culminating in a match (or maybe even a tag if the Rock decided to participate) would actually not be the worst thing in the world, aside from the tedious promos it would no doubt create.  Plus it would have Roman do something outside of vying for the world title, which could possibly placate the people who say he shouldn't be there.


Main event was decent enough.  This Team Europe faction could be good.

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Did they just debut a new Euro stable or nah?   One time thing?  I know they've all teamed together frequently over the past couple months.



I don't know about this..




I'm not usually one to do the Vince impersonation posts, but as soon as I saw that, I pictured him backstage --



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New Day is carrying the company. And they didn't even have a match. Holy shit this was terrible television. They have no clue how to deal with these injuries. I started watching again in 2011 and this is far and away the worst it's been since then.

Why do I watch, you ask? Because I'm far enough behind on NXT that it's a lost cause and because I'm sick of watching the Patriots. And the thought of watching anything but football or rasslin on a Monday is heinous.

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Byron - Perhaps Heath will be sipping turkey through a straw

Cole - Wild Turkey, that is

JBL - Aw, Heath needs some Wild Turkey

Did Zeb Coulter say people were talking about Meximerica on Grindr?

I could use some Wild Turkey after sitting through two hours of Raw. Thankfully, I wasn't home for the first hour. If I had, I might be blackout drunk right now.
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