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Bellator 145: Vengeance (11/6/2015) - St. Louis, MO (Scottrade Center)


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Bellator 145: Vengeance

November 6, 2015

St. Louis, MO (Scottrade Center)


Bellator Featherweight Championship: Patrício Freire © (144.4) vs. Daniel Straus (144.4) (third defense) - Straus, DEC (unanimous)

Bellator Lightweight Championship: Will Brooks © (154.8)** vs. Marcin Held (154.8) (third defense) - Brooks, DEC (unanimous)

Michael Chandler (155.75) vs. David Rickels (155.75) - Chandler, TKO (punches), R2 (3:05)

Bobby Lashley (239.5) vs. James Thompson (264) - Lashley, TKO (punches), R1 (0:54)

Emmanuel Sanchez (145.6)* vs. Justin Lawrence (146) - Sanchez, DEC (split)


Spike.com Preliminary Card:  

Brandon Lowe (146.4) vs. Rashard Lovelace (144.75) - Lovelace, TKO (strikes), R1 (2:07)   

Scott Ettling (139.5) vs. Fazlo Mulabitinovic (140.3) - Mulabitinovic, SUB (armbar), R1 (1:52)

Kain Royer (185.5) vs. Clay Mitchell (181) - Royer, SUB (kneebar), R1 (3:41)

Alex Huddleston (255) vs. Augusto Sakai (263) - Sakai, DEC (unanimous)

Adam Meredith (170.25) vs. Jordan Dowdy (170.5) - Meredith, SUB (rear naked choke), R1 (1:54)

Steven Mann (169.25) vs. Kyle Kurtz (170) - Kurtz, SUB (triangle choke), R1 (2:59)

Garrett Gross (160.25) vs. Jeff Crotty (161.5) - Cross, DEC (unanimous) 

Adam Cella (170.75) vs. Chel Erwin-Davis (169.75) - Erwin-Davis, TKO (punches), R3 (0:35)


*Reweighed after weighing 148.4 on first attempt

**Reweighed after weighing 155.8 on first attempt


Rating: 814,000 viewers


Cancelled Bouts:

Pat Curran vs. Justin Lawrence - Injury to Curran (Knee)

Vince Eazelle vs. Chris Heatherly - Injury to Heatherly (Broken Hand)

Steven Mann vs. Hugh Pulley - Bout Nixed

Kevin Engel vs. Kyle Kurtz - Bout Nixed

Garrett Gross vs. Luke Nelson - Bout Nixed

Scott Ettling vs. Garrett Mueller - Bout Nixed

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There's no way Kurt freaking Angle could pass commission testing to get his license, is there?


When I saw "James Thompson", I thought it would be impossible for it to be that James Thompson. Holy shit, I hope that guy can find something to do to earn a living other than fighting because he's so done.


Rickels looked to have very shitty technique and speed. Basically a can. Chandler treated him as such but you got to be a bit worried if you're in the Chandler camp to see how much Michael slowed down in the second; so much so that even Rickels was landing clean with combos.

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So we are going to pretend that this version of Pride will have questionably worked fights like the old version?  I mean really Lei'd Tapa from TNA?  She sucks as a wrestler I can only imagine how she works as an MMA tomato can


All Gabi Garcia needs to do is takedown -> mount -> armbar. You don't have to work anything. If you're gonna work a fight in MMA or boxing, it's going to be in favor of the person you WANT to win who perhaps wouldn't win otherwise.


Now the other stuff? Yeah, I don't know about that.

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I am not sure why you would book two dudes from Miami to main event a card in Houston. BUT WHATEVER!


It's like when Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter had a Battle of Ohio in Las Vegas this year.

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I had to google what a DADA 5000 was. I was disappointed it wasn't linked to the German dadaists...



lololol. Holy shit.


So, this is what it was like to see Gordie Howe play in the World Hockey Assiocation before the NHL was the only big league left in N.A.

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Judging by the quality of the Bellator undercards and previous undercards in Strikeforce, you can see why Coker would run Texas and Missouri on a regular basis. Boy oh boy. If you fill the undercards with regional cats from Shamrock FC (yes, that is a real promotion), the commission probably can't discern who should be nowhere near a fighting surface and those people who may actually be fighters. The same goes for when they run Texas and you can throw Legacy FC guys on there. As someone who has periodically checked in on Legacy on AXS from time to time, the guys fighting in the co-main and main are usually barely competent. Now imagine the guys fighting below that. If it's not a Sage Northcutt or a someone who makes an occasional appearance like Kamaru Usman or Henry Cejudo, the pickings are definitely slim.


Therefore, by booking those guys in super lenient states, it basically is just terrible fights with old people instead of terrible fights with people under 40. Same shit, but in a more well known-yet-beat up bag.

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