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It's OK Casey.  In a little over a week, you aren't going to give even the tiniest of craps about Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder's questionable choices in direction.  

I give the tiniest of craps about Daredevil because I liked it significantly less than all of you did. Now, if this was Jessica Jones S2... sure, I'd be all in. Also, I already give the tiniest of craps about the Batman VS Superman movie, because I'm a Marvel guy mostly. Nice try, though.  :rolleyes:

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While the wait, I'd like to repost my Daredevil Season One long review...


I had to talk about Daredevil, acclaimed by critics and audiences in longer detail. Daredevil is a bloody brilliant show for the stories told, the great ensemble cast with no weak links whatsoever, the fight chorography and the darker tone, much darker than anything else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Put my thoughts down as they came to my head in spoiler tags to shorten things…


Marvel’s streak of great casting for their heroes continues with Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, at least a top three placement in that category. Marvel Studios are hit and miss with their villains less the casting, more the lack of credibility. Vincent D’Onofrio has no problem with the latter as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. I’ve just remembered how I like his name isn’t to be spoken, doing so will bring harm to you. Indeed.


Most memorable dialogue exchanges:


Matt Murdock’s speech in confession to his Priest (Into the Ring, Ep1)

Foggy putting down Marci who works at the law firm where Murdock/Nelson once interned (World on Fire, Ep5)

The first talk between Murdock and Fisk over walkie-talkie (Condemned, Ep6)

Bill Fisk teaching his son violence which leads to Wilson Fisk telling Vanessa he wears his Dad’s cufflinks to remind him he’s not cruel for the sake of cruelty (Shadows in the Glass, Ep8)

Ben Ulrich challenging his editor wanting the Fisk exposure printed learning to be a whore from him (The Ones We Leave Behind, Ep12)

Matt breaking down in front of Karen saying a guy told him to do what he must, he needs to be alone but he doesn’t want to be (The Ones We Leave Behind, Ep12).

Wilson Fisk’s about the parable of the Good Samaritan while he’s travelling in police custody (Daredevil, Ep13).


If you take the first two episodes, Into the Ring and Cut Man showing them as a feature film, the origin would belong with Batman Begins (2005) and Iron Man (2008) as the best live action origin films. THAT one take hallway fight in Cut Man is amazing and the highlight of the fight scenes, all are well done but particularly this one. I also want to mention the final fight between Daredevil and Wilson Fisk (Daredevil, Ep13).


When watching Leland Owlsley’s first appearances, I knew I’d seen the actor somewhere and the penny then dropped, Bob Gunton who plays him was Warden Samuel Norton from The Shawshank Redemption. Not surprising then that he plays a great dick.


I was sorry to see James Wesley, Ben Ulrich and Leland Owlsley getting killed off as the respective actors playing the parts will be missed. You could always do a flashback showing how Wilson Fisk and James Wesley came to know one another like Murdock/Nelson (Nelson vs. Murdock, Ep10). Be good to see.


I’m going to miss that sweet black suit. Upon the reveal of the red costume, I was unsure about it. That's why I have two reactions when there's a comic book costume: the first when the still image is revealed and secondly in motion. I like the suit more having seen it in action. Main change I'd make is the mask all one colour, red.


Good that Wilson Fisk was brought down by the law/vigilante combination in Ep13, fittingly called Daredevil.


Perfect ending to the season. Wilson Fisk is in jail looking at a white wall like his childhood and what he said about a painting resembling that earlier in the series. Daredevil is listening out for help while on a building and when he hears a scream takes a step back before jumping at us. The music adds to the visuals as well.


Top ten episodes (a challenge) with a description in each:


1. Cut Man. Flashback to Matt stitching up Dad. Dad told to take dive but wins fight and gets murdered. Amazing Daredevil hallway fight to free kidnapped child. (Ep2)

2. Into the Ring. Flashback to Matt’s accident. Matt’s speech in confession. Daredevil saves Karen Page. Montage of what’s to come. (Ep1)

3. Shadows in the Glass. Wilson Fisk origin. Dad abusive to him and his Mum teaching violence. We learn why Fisk doesn’t like the painting in earlier episode. Wilson kills Dad, he and Mum cover it up. Fisk comes out into the open as savior of Hell’s Kitchen. (Ep8)

4. Daredevil. Fisk kills Owsley for fundraiser poisoning. Matt and Foggy reconcile. Corrupt cop from earlier episode leads to arrests including Wilson Fisk who busts out in transit with the Good Samaritan speech. Daredevil wears new suit and recaptures Fisk. (Ep13)

5. In the Blood. Other gangs complain about failing Russians, Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov who go after nurse Claire Temple, Murdock runs for her in civilian clothes. Daredevil frees her using the dark as an aid. Kingpin kills Anatoly for interrupting date with Vanessa. (Ep4)

6. World on Fire. We see how Matt does. Great speech by Foggy putting down Marcy where she works and he used to intern. Explosions of Russians readying attack on Fisk as the other brother finds out his brother was killed by Fisk. Cliffhanger with Daredevil caught by police. (Ep5)

7. Condemned. Aftermath to explosions with Daredevil and other brother. First talk by Daredevil and Wilson Fisk over walkie talkie. Daredevil blamed for bombings. Vladimir goes out shooting at pursuers so Daredevil can escape. (Ep7)

8. The Ones We Leave Behind. Fisk upset with Wesley’s passing. Ben Ulrich confrontation wanting to print Fisk expose but is fired. Murdock breaks down to KP as he was told you have to be alone to be effective but doesn’t want to be. Fisk is in Ulrich’s house while Ulrich rights Fisk piece for blog. Ulrich lies saying only he visited Fisk’s Mum. Fisk murders Ben. (Ep12)

9. Speak of the Devil. Theological discussion between Matt and his priest, Father Lantom. Matt/Karen/Foggy/Ben struggle for leads to Fisk. Tenant Elena they have been helping murdered. Episode jumps between before Daredevil’s fight with Nobu and back to it. Daredevil kills Nobu and is nearly killed by Fisk. Foggy finds out who Daredevil really is having gone to Matt’s apartment and heard noises (Ep9)

10. Nelson V Murdock. Flashback to Matt/Foggy first meeting, at University and interning. Daredevil’s first case beating up a father abusing his child. Karen tricks Ben to nursing home to interview Fisk’s Mum. People collapse at Fisk fundraiser. (Ep10)


The day I finished Daredevil Season One (21/4), I wake up to the news the day after that a second season is announced. I’m guessing the universal acclaim has led to a second season this fast. I thought the other Netflix shows would happen first. So soon a turnaround is a concern, the other is the showrunner from the first season, Steven S. DeKnight won't be returning. DeKnight did say the new showrunners, Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez were invaluable contributors during the first season. There’ll be pressure on the second season with how brilliant the first series is. In 2016 we’ll have …Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, Daredevil Season Two, X-Men: Apocalypse, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and Gambit. Loaded!


In my short review of Daredevil having watched the last four episodes, I said TV and films are different mediums so can you compare this to the MCU films? I did. Daredevil is in the Premier League of Marvel Studios productions with Avengers Assemble, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man. Hell, it’s the best. I’d also say it’s one of the greatest comic book adaptations ever as well.

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