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Night of Champions IX

Dolfan in NYC

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I haven't seen it mentioned in my skimming of the thread but the most entertaining part of the show was Xavier's Rufio cosplay complete with screaming "NEW DAY OOOOOOH!!!" the whole match.

I must really be a loser, I have no idea about this Rufio. The crowd seemed to know exactly who Rufio was.
You've never seen Hook?

Nope, never thought that not watching Hook would leave me out.

Sounds like poor planning on your part.

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Fun show - but nothing off the charts. Charlotte win was reasonably big and I loved Ric out there. New Day ruled, Owens won, and Cena got his US Title back to give us at least one Raw segment to look forward to. Sting got all kinds of fucked up against Seth though. The company was reckless with the announce table spot, and I don't know what Seth was thinking just picking Sting up. That's a multi-level failure because the ref should've stepped in before Seth could even touch him. Kudos to Sting for doing anything after that, and I enjoyed the little story of Sting winning his first World title with a submission counter into a cradle, and then succumbing to that here to try and win his first WWE title.




Screens - 











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For those who missed Low-Ki coming in to tag with Reigns and Ambrose:



Looked more like Drake Younger, really.


As a follow-up,  "Not Drake Younger" got 10 days in jail for this.



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From the actual partner's third book:




Just a note for any idiots out there who are considering jumping into a WWE ring for a joke or a sneak attack: The ring is our worldand once you enter it uninvited, there are no rules. We have the right to kick your ass as muchas we wish.It's like entering our house at 3AM: As soon as you come through the door, we can hit you in the face with a baseball bat and there will be no legal consequences whatsoever.


[Gregg Mode} And this clearly played into the story of the match, as Dean and Roman's failure to attack the interloper established them in Jericho's mind as two people who didn't have the fire and desire to do what it took. So he tagged himself in, as he knew that he himself was the only person on the team he could trust to get the job done[/Gregg mode].

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