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UFC Fight Night 71: Mir vs. Duffee (7/15/2015) - San Diego, CA (Valley View Casino Center)


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Another good UFC show. Mir said it would be a huge honor to fight Fedor in the post-fight press conference. That would be a blast but it's pretty unlikely Fedor signs with them and not Bellator. It was good to see Mir back in the octagon and kicking ass. They both landed some absolute haymakers and I was surprised it went as long as it did. Looked like somebody was fucking around with their friend in the UFC video game.

I would not think that Bellator would be favored over UFC to sign Fedor. They have nobody over there.



Didn't keep Fedor from signing with the likes of Bodog, Affliction, and Strikeforce.



If you want to believe the sources, he wants to fight in Russia. Bellator and WSOF ain't going to Russia anytime soon and UFC has been planning a show in Russia for ages. I think a possible sticking point is landing a one fight deal. I don't know if any promoter wants that.


Another problem is (expectedly) Sakakibara having a ton of trouble getting a show off the ground in Japan. The problem being he is kinda persona non-grata there (blackballed by the big Japanese networks) which is why I thought people should've cooled it on some type of Bellator/Japan supershow. So the only other Japanese choice for Fedor would be Inoki's promotion. So an actual advantage the UFC would have is the fact that can get into most places. Their problem is just the local marketing, which has been lacking still. However, they shouldn't have a problem drawing a gate in Japan with Fedor.


If the UFC wasn't a viable option (at least as of this post), they would not even have bothered contacting the UFC. I don't think there is a frontrunner yet, but no one has been eliminated either. So it's too early to draw conclusions.


Really enjoyed the Jouban/Dwyer fight. Wish Dwyer had more gas to keep going.


I'm so glad Dwyer showed he was better than getting head kicked by Tumenov. He will probably be able to stick around and fight on some of the shows in Canada.

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Mir vs duffee was lots of fun as was the co main event. Holm looked better in this fight but as been said not the world beater she was hyped as. Andrade looked good and moras took a beating but almost pulled out the win at the end with that choke.

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Her boxing skills were highly touted and she's in a division with not so many skilled strikers, so I thought she'd be pretty dominant when standing. She looked much cleaner and crisper with her striking Wednesday, thankfully. She's still a little hesitant to exchange and will back off entirely with her good footwork rather than counter.

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