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Was at Magfest this weekend and they had a 2K16 tournament going on.  I took part and chose Xavier Woods, and while I lost I apparently impressed the people there with my strategy for winning.  Was a pretty fun time, even snuck in the clap taunt and got them to do that.  Good times.

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Right?! The '97 set had the giant skull/gargoyle guy but this is still sweet.


All of the WCW sets are superb in this game (and in real lifes). WWE could learn a thing or seven from them.

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So glad this came out.  Didn't do too much with it but did do Savage/Jake from Tuesday in Texas in Showcase.  They captured the moments really well and it was fun to relive.  I still have an issue with the faces for both of them.  I know Jake's face is supposed to be from his recovering alcoholic time in '96.  But man does that not translate well to his '91 versions.


Also did Flair vs. Fujinami from the WCW Japan show.  Fujinami was surprisingly a blast to play as.  I imagine it wouldn't take much to add some NJ/AJ elements to it, download a bunch of 90s Japanese wrestlers and have a grand ol' time.

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