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I downloaded a Rey Mysterio and he just came out like a normal dude. Either the CAW maker sux or his entrance is also not in the game. There's still lots of room for improvement, but the core gameplay is great. Good base to build upon the next two or three years.

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I'm sure this isn't entirely accurate or comprehensive, but it's the only one I've seen so far:

Daniel Bryan - Rapid Fire Curb Stomps

John Cena - Sit-Out Pendulum Facebuster

Kevin Owens - Sidewinder Suplex

Neville - Deadlift German Suplex

Nikki Bella - Corner Enzuigiri 2

Paige - Avalanche Ram-Paige

Stardust - Crossface Chickenwing

William Regal - Regal Cutter

Bull Nakano - Alabama Slam Facebuster

Dalton Castle - Bang-A-Rang

Drew Galloway - Inverted Alabama Slam

Hirooki Goto - Shouten

Hirooki Goto - Ura Shouten

Katsuyori Shibata - G.T.S/Penalty Kick Combo

Kota Ibushi - Sit-Out Last Ride Powerbomb

Low Ki - Black Magic

Low Ki - Dragon Sleeper 2

Minoru Suzuki - Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver

Pentagón Jr. - Hammerlock Armbreaker

Pentagón Jr. - Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver

Ricochet - 630 Senton

Ricochet - Fireman’s Carry Roundhouse Kick

Roderick Strong - Gut Check/Sick Kick Combo

Shinsuke Nakamura - Strong Style Stomp

Tajiri - Buzzsaw Kick

Tetsuya Naito - Diving Corkscrew Moonsault

Trevor Lee - Leaping Mushroom Stomp

Trevor Lee - Vertical Suplex Powerbomb

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For anyone on the fence about this in the UK you can pick it up from Argos today for £16 on the PS4/XBone and £9.50 on the PS3/360. Insanely low price for a new release and I've not played a WWE game since 2010 but at that price I couldn't say no.

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Mark Henry finally had his title match with Finn Balor. This was their third meeting and first for the NXT title. Balor tried to use his speed and strikes to keep Mark off balance, but Balor eventually ran into a brick wall. World's Strongest Slam. 1, 2 and Mark lifts Balor up and stops the three count knowing Balor needed more punishment. Punches and headbutts bloodied Balor, but Balor had one last burst of energy. He got Mark into the corner for his diving dropkick, but Mark reversed it. A stunned Balor then stumbled back to Mark for one more World's Strongest Slam. 1, 2, 3. Winner and NEW NXT champion, Mark Henry.

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Finally managed to submit somebody after all this time.  Had to beat the absolute dogshit out of my opponent (hit signature a couple times and weakened the area) but got Meng to win with the Tongan Death Grip.  By the time I went to submit him my bar was huge and it was easy enough to do it.  Very satisfying win, but still hate the submission system.

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Nope, just a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the submissions system.  99% of it warranted, because that shit is backward.


I've been having fun running my own angles on MyCareer mode.  Had two shots at the US title and couldn't beat Cena, so I treated the last one as a loser leaves WWE match and brought my guy back under a mask as "El Jefe".  (Oddly, the Undertaker liked my matches from that point on - he must've enjoyed my homages to The Spoiler.)  He beat Cena in a No Holds Barred match, then unmasked before finally beating him for the US title.


I've heard that you can get the "Cowardly" trait by doing walkouts, so I intend to spend the time till WrestleMania doing my best impressions of Money Inc.

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Had one of the best unintentional feuds in Universe mode.


Sami Zayne debuts on Smackdown against the Undertaker and wins thanks to a distraction by Booker T. (Taker vs Booker T were rivals)


Then Zayne does a whole lot of nothing, but is on Rollins team at Survivor Series and pins Taker again in the six-man tag. (Rollins and Reigns were feuding)


At TLC Zayne is in a TLC match with Undertaker and wins again! (Again, the computer made the match, but they weren't feuding)


Rollins then finally feuds with Undertaker in road to Wrestlemania. So far I haven't tempered with any of the settings.


Taker then squashes Zayne at Mania.


Zayne is now doing nothing in Universe mode while Undertaker keeps getting shoved into main-events. 

By the way, does anyone know what happens if I replace the default Undertaker with for example Biker Taker (of Attitude Era Taker). Do I still get the unique Undertaker cutscenes and matches around Mania time?

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Boy, it takes a long time to move up the non-NXT Championship rankings. I've been killing guys left and right (except for when the Authority asks me to lose) and I'm only up to seventh in the rankings for the IC title. 


Like, if I beat both John Cena AND Roman Reigns on RAW in separate singles matches, not to mention beating then-IC champ Ryback in a non-title match, shouldn't I be getting a title shot by now?

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It took me literally two years to finally go from #1 contender to US champion - it took that long to get a shot at Cena, mostly because he didn't work every show and thus, I couldn't do a runin.  Plus every few months the game would try to get me stuck in a feud with Big Show.  If I hadn't been able to back out of the feud it tried with R-Truth, I might've deleted my save.

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