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So, Terror Attack. Basically, I'm going to be dealing with some of my least favorite enemies in the game, that can one hit kill my soldiers, then turn them into Zombies. This is.... yeah


It's the big guns. Piranesi leading the team with Fresh, Rippa, J.T, and Odessa. We have 18 civi's to save. We will not save them all. We probably will not save most.


And, well, this map isn't a good one. First turn, we already lost one civilian. Hopefully they weren't zombified. Piranesi triggers some Floaters, and I hit one of them 4 fucking times for a grand total of 4 damage. Which is enough for a kill, thankfully. 


Now at 3 Saved, 5 Dead.  And in comes the Chrysalids, which usually give me fucking nightmares. But this time, one charges straight at a J.T/Piranesi Double Shotgun ambush, the others go right toward Fresh, Rippa, and Odessa. Neither last a turn. Fucking thank christ.


Fuck, Fresh just took a big 6 point hit from a Floater, but he responds in kind and.......... That's it? Holy fuck, that's it!? Only 6 Enemies, and I saved 13 Civilians! That went alarmingly well!


Post Mission


Phil "Freud" Rippa: 13 Kills

Promoted to Captain, took Combat Drugs: 78 Will, 107 Aim


Odessa "Spider" Steps 14 Kills

Promoted to Captain, took Opportunist, 82 Will, 101 Aim


"Bonzai" Pira Nesi: 5 Kills

Promoted to Captain, took Close Combat Specialist, 66 Will, 89 Aim


"Psycho" J.T. 9 Kills


"Hulk" Big Fresh 6 Kills

Promoted to Lieutenant, took HEAT Ammo, 66 Will, 81 Aim.


That went shockingly well.

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4 Days. You will be back up for the next Abductions, which are already leaving me in a tough spot in terms of which is the logical place to go.


Though I'm calling it a night since I work at noon tomorrow. Will also be reintroducing some troops (I think the Matt, DFA, and Cristobal group deserve another chance, cause they were set up for failure)

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I tried doing it on Classic and the first 2 times everyone died, and the 3rd 2 of my crew died, then all of them died on the next mission. 


Normal at least I have a decent shot at survival, and I already passed what I expected my biggest hurdle to be, and I haven't lost any high ranking soldiers or any of my high skill guys. 

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Trying to get one match in before I head off to work today.


Debuting three new members of the team to go with Odessa, Piranesi, and Odessa this time


Gon Zo: 54 Will, 75 Aim

Death From Above (Your Welcome: 62 Will, 70 Aim

Burgundy LaRue: 52 Will, 75 Aim.


Hey, look everybody, it's rookies with good stats!


This is also my first mission with 6 soldiers, and I am risking losing the USA with this mission, so, fuck, not the greatest situation here.





I know this map, it has it's fair share of full cover and defensive positions. Hopefully a good jumping in point for the rooks 


I'm taking a back route with much less visibility. The problem with this map is entrance into a large building with glass fronts, so bad visibility. Hopefully the back way has more options for us, and a more reliable defensive setup. Going for a double door open to clear out this building. Hoping I'm not running into an ambush myself and fuck, that there is 2 Mutons. But the ambush worked PERFECTLY for us. One Muton is dead and the other is stunned before any of them can fire. Lovely Execution.


Now some Thin Men and Floaters show up, Thin Man misses a shot, and man, I just popped two more on the side. I probably need to take a more defensive position. Rippa takes a hit from a Floater, but just for one, but then takes another for 5. Burgundy goes into retreat mode,  This isn't going "bad", but it's not going great either Odessa misses a 91 on a floater, but Burgundy and DFA handle there bidness, and Gonzo handles the last. Went pretty well overall


Odessa "Spider Steps: 15 Kills


"Bonzai" Pira Nesi 7 Kills


Phil "Freud" Rippa: 14 Kills


Gon Zo 1 Kill

Promoted to Squaddie: Sniper: 58 Will, 84 Aim


Death From Above: 1 Kill

Promoted to Squaddie: Heavy: 64 Will, 71 Aim



Burgundy LaRue: 1 Kill

Promoted to: Squaddie: Assault: 57 Will, 79 Aim

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So we failed to shoot down a UFO. So that sucks. But new mission!


Rippa, Odessa, Niners, Piranesi, Fresh, and Gonzo head out for a a council mission.



Birmingham, United Kingdom


Target Extraction here, and.... huh. This is the first time I've ever done this map as an extraction. Very rapidly take out two Thin Men. I love it when we kill things without them taking a shot. Odessa takes out another one, then Fresh takes out another and yeah...  Only bad thing so far is some Poison. Got the rescue, killed some more Thin Men, and... yeah, that's it. Well then.


Phil "Freud" Rippa: 15 kills


Odessa "Spider" Steps: 16 Kills


"Hulk" Big Fresh: 9 Kills


"Scotch" Niners Fan: 7 Kills

Promoted to Sergeant: Given Field Medic. 46 Will, 81 Aim


Gon Zo: 2 Kills


"Bonzai" Pira Nesi: 8 Kills

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I will be adding more people as time goes on, but my money is going into improvements right now then more soldiers, so sorry for the delay.


Anyway, some breakdowns on the sate of my XCOM game past the troops.


Not many things going well! I'm getting ready to make an Alien Abduction, and no matter which direction I go, I'm going to piss someone off bad. I have Africa completely satelite covered, and I desperately need to build a Satelite Nexus.


Getting ready to get back going on this.... now!

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Alien Abductions

Operation Brutal Heart

Ibadan, Nigeria



"Bonzai" Pira Nesi

Burgundy Larue

Death From Above

Odessa "Spider" Steps

"Scotch" Niners Fan

Big "Hulk" Fresh


Pre Fight Notes: Hey, have I mentioned that I currently am still using basic weapons and armor? Cause I am! I am very rapidly getting to the point that will kill me if I don't make adjustments.


Map: The Cemetery: Basically, I don't like this map, with this equipment. Generally speaking, you get swarmed quickly. I'm iffy.


Mission Summary: First move is Pira stepping forward, which immediately leads to.... 2 Floaters Spawn: That is all that spawn first turn though, which is promising.... other then Odessa taking 6 damage from the first damn shot. Still, Piranesi does his Shotgun thing, and kills both in back to back turns, AND earns a promotion. I start  trying to move around the side, but that turns into a bad move because it spawns...


2 Mutons spawn: And that's bad, as DFA immediately gets hit for 6 himself (Down to One God Damn Hit Point, I might add). Luckily, the Mutons stick close enough together for Fresh to fire a Shredder Rocket. DFA takes out one immediately afterwards, and Piranesi does his crazy Run and Gun Shotgunning to kill the other. Mission isn't going great, but it hasn't been bad either (Nobodys dead, right?)


2 Sectoids Spawn: Hmm. I'm okay with this. Damage Roulette kicking my ass, Sniper Shot AND Light Machine Gun shots only doing two damage. 2 damage shot against Piranesi, but the Sectoids go out fast. 


2 Thin Men Spawn: Boy, did they pick the wrong place to be. run straight into Burgundry and Piranesi. Shotgun party for all! And that does it.


Squadmate Round Up:


"Bonzai" Pira Nesi: 11 Kills

Promoted to: Major (Extra Conditioning), 71 Will, 91 Aim

Wounded: 3 Days


Burgandy LaRue: 3 Kills


Death From Above: 3 Kills



Odessa "Spider" Steps: 16 Kills 

Wounded: 5 Days


Big "Hulk" Fresh: 10 Kills

Promoted to: Captain (Danger Zone): 72 Will, 82 Aim


"Scotch" Niners Fan: 7 Kills

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Before I can do anything at all, I get..


UFO Crash Site: Small Scout

Operation Morbid Rain




Phil "Freud" Rippa

"Psycho" J.T.

Gon Zo

Big "Hulk" Fresh

Burgundy LaRue

Cool Arrow


Odessa who is my safety net at Sniper is hurt, sot hat sucks. Arrow has earned a shot by saving Niners to become a regular. 


Map: I don't have a good description for crash sites?


Mission Summary: 


Long Stretch before I even find an enemy, but...


2 Floaters Spawn: And they don't fucking last. Fresh kills one of them on the original Overwatch, and Gonzo Snipes the other out of the sky.


1 Outsider Spawns: Got into a defensive position without me getting an overwatch in, which is shit. Send in J.T., cause he can can run and gun and force a missed overwatch and oh fuck


2 Mutons Spawn: Uh.... J.T. is in fucking trouble now. He kills the Outsider, but now he's double flanked by two fucking monsters. First shot hits him for 2, 2nd shot misses and..... Okay!  They are in good defensive position, but they are both weakened. In spite of being Suppressed, J.T. kills one, and Gonzo takes the other.


Squadmate Roundup:


Phil "Freud" Rippa: 15 Kills

Promoted to: Major (Deep Pockets) 85 Will, 110 Aim


"Psycho" J.T.: 11 Kills

Promoted to: Captain (Close Combat Specialist) 63 Will, 86 Aim

Wounded: 4 Days


Gon Zo: 4 Kills

Promoted to: Corporal (Snap Shot) 65 Will, 93 Aim


Big "Hulk" Fresh: 11 Kills


Burgundy LaRue: 3 Kills

Promoted to: Corporal (Tactical Sense) 62 Will, 83 Aim


Cool Arrow: 5 Kills

Promoted to: Corporal: (Sprinter) 43 Will, 72 Aim

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