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On 7/18/2017 at 7:45 AM, J.T. said:

Why are all subsequent Chainsaw Massacre movies so gory?  The original is about as bloodless as a slasher movie can possibly be.

It's one of the few qualities that I actually love about the first film.

Allow me to be simplistic about this eef youuu weeeell... How about: "Shitty writers and shitty directors do not understand less is more!"  This comes from someone who once carried the label of one half of the "tag-team champions of hardcore horror". Yeah, I know all about being graphic as fuck, the thing is Edward Lee and I weren't being serious, what we were doing was satire and we were having a blast playing "can you top this" ...  I got bored with that in around 2000 and discovered I could get a lot more mileage out of hinting at things and then letting the reader fill in the blanks with something far more awful than anything I could come up with. I'm working on a piece now that's the first significant fiction I've started after the coma in 2014 and it's turning out to be a bitch as I keep lapsing into doing the stuff that I know is wrong, like telling rather than showing and providing graphic descriptions rather than letting you fill in the blanks. I'll get it right by the deadline because that's how I roll, I just wish that I had another thirty days to get it right so that I didn't have to scramble. 

Back to my original point, 90% of screenwriters and directors wouldn't even understand that there was a problem with what I'm agonizing over.                 

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