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Smackdown Spoilers for 4/2/15


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 I'm putting most of this on Harper, too, he just didn't look right, took a terrible bump off a snap mare that just looked awful.

I thought that looked great, he shouldn't be taking snapmares with ease from a guy who is about 100lbs lighter than him.

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if you were an anarchist, you'd understand.

At first, I thought the line was "racoon of chaos." Didn't make a whole lot more sense when I realized what he actually said.

As did I, only I was like 'no, that fits Dean perfectly'.

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Finally caught the surprising NBC Universo replay of this, which is lucky for me I guess because the Spanish announcing covers up everything that would make my ears bleed. The Sheamus/Bryan match was great because it was so chippy and heated. I was waiting for both guys to just start slapping the piss out of each other and it finally happened, then Bryan taps a vein on Sheamus' head and we get a Bullhammer for the non-finish. It worked really well but Bryan seriously needs to take a page out of the Liger playbook and switch up his style for the sake of his health. Planchas and shoot headbutts are not the way to go, and him holding his arm at one point was scary. 


EDIT: Watching the replay. Naomi and Nattie had a hell of a match. The headscissors DDT thing Naomi used as a finish was surprising and looked cool. Ambrose vs. Harper is a super matchup that you never thought you wanted but is glaringly obvious in retrospect. They've got a real good match in them somewhere along the line but this wasn't quite it. Harper almost tossing the monitor at the announcers was the best, and something those who listened to this in full English probably wanted to happen.


EDIT II: Sheamus/Bryan is really really fucking good. Those guys beat the shit out of each other. The palm strikes from Bryan were especially nasty. This match (and his promo) will make you hate Sheamus' stinking rotten guts so they are doing something exactly right for a change. Good job, boys.

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Following on the heels of the Terminator entrance, HHH will clearly demonstrate his comedic range next Wrestlemania by coming out in a cop uniform, flanked by kindergartners.



Turbo Man. Steph can be Booster.


He's been Conan and now The Terminator...I say next WM he comes out as this guy:



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Really fun Harper/Ambrose match and a really good Sheamus/Bryan match that felt like a fight. Barrett was king sized on commentary to the point I may just want him to retire and take over for JBL right now.

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