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Global Force Wrestling Debut!

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I didn't get to the Orleans right at 10. 10 am is early for me. I got to the Orleans about 20 after. I missed it it was over when I got there. Oh well. Jarrett and Chael were hanging around.

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I have class at 1 shit I should go.

Tell Jarrett to input these matches into the database:

The Young Bucks, Tama Tonga, and Bad Luck Fale vs. BUNKHOUSE BUCK!, THE MONSTER MENG!, THE BARBARIAN!, and A BEAR!

Super Festus, Karl Anderson, and AJ Styles vs. Glacier, TNT, and Pentagon, Jr.

No, FMW is a seperate promotion.

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So, here's the full list of names they revealed today:


Chael Sonnen (as an announcer)

Karl Anderson

Doc Gallows

Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Lance Hoyt

Chris Masters

Justin Gabriel

Moose (from ROH)


Lei'D Tapa


More to be announced in the future.

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