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Raw 3-2-15


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Loved the Eat Sleep No Show Repeat sign behind Reigns during his beatdown of the heels. LOVED everything about the IC Title buildup. The IC Title is so much more fun as a parody title than as a joke title. The Mizdow-Miz Viagra spoof was what, 15 years past the point of that being fresh, but was still hilarious thanks to how it was presented. Loved Titus's guffaw after the ad played. Also loved the Bray-Taker promo. Mixed 6-person tag wasn't much. Steph burying Rock, Austin, Bret, and Cena while putting over Andre being her friend was bizarre. Axel becoming a huge star for at least a little while is good to see though - he's getting over huge in this role. Fun little squash for Cena here and it led to a fantastic Rusev promo with him responding to Yes chants with "YOUR OPINION DOESN'T MATTER YOU IGNORANT AMERICANS!"


The HHH-Booker thing dragged on and really didn't do much to make me want to see HHH-Sting. I did want to see Booker kick some ass though - so put him back in the IC Title mix. Loved the Stewart-Seth stuff - Jon's a natural. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING Bryan-Harper match. Bryan took the nastiest snake eyes ever and a dragon suplex, but this was a super-fun 5 minute match. Great IC Title goofball stuff afterwards with Dolph adding himself to the mix. Fantastic bit backstage with Orton saying he saved Seth's job and he'll help him tonight, and then when Kane and Show were there, Jamie Noble bowed up to him. Fine video on Madusa. Heyman cut one of his best promos ever hyping up WM's main event stating that Brock will be there, and he'll be champion as long as he wants and go wherever he wants before and after WM. This was amazing and well worth going out of your way to see. This whole show was worth archiving just to have proof of WWE being able to have a great show on Monday nights. Seth-Reigns was their best match yet, but the finish hurt Roman. Actually, the whole match did, and they're basically doing a weird face turn with him, but the key is he should ALWAYS have plausible deniability. He had that earlier, but not here. Post-match, Roman hit Y a lot with a deadman dive and a chain of finishers.




Screens - 













Excuse me for a moment while I steal the show



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That Heyman promo was amazing.  I mean only he can have an incredible promo with the mic going out 3 times.  It was as if someone went to the back and told Paul "You know that Jon Stewart cuts a great promo".  


I don't have a problem with Medusa being in the Hall of Fame but when they called her throwing the women's belt in the trash "rebellious" I was just stunned.  Never heard one person in this business who thinks that is anything like that.   Oh well they can re-write the history.  


Loved that divas think they were "given a chance" when about 70% of their match was in commercial break.  


I said before but Bryan vs Luke Harper was just uncomfortable to watch.   Bryan was being throw around like a rag doll on his neck and shoulder to the point it looked like he was seriously injured at the end.   Luckily he wasn't (or hid it very well) but damn it really doesn't give me a good feeling seeing what he will do in a ladder match

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I got home from the gym in time to see Axelmania running wild. Raw goes by a lot quicker when you skip the first hour. I enjoyed the stuff with Jon Stewart. Paul Heyman was on fire tonight. I enjoyed Bryan/Harper, as short as it was and the IC title stealing afterwards. I also loved AJ's return. I'm looking foward to Team Freaky Chicks vs. The Bellas.

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I thought Heyman was going to stroke out. Also he confirmed he wasn't being sarcastic last week. Reigns got NO reaction in the main until he broke Seth's ribs off a great bump. Looked like Harper was trying to collect a bounty on Bryan damn that was rough. Stewart is the best part of the RTWM so far.


They're trying everything with Reigns, but apathy is starting to sit in.


It's so fucking weird seeing Bryan by far the most over guy on the roster in throwaway mid card stuff. I mean WTF?

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Cool to see Madusa go into the Hall of Fame. I had hoped for it but never thought the WWE would forgive her lol

I've never been a huge AJ fan but I can get behind her teaming with Paige. I always thought they played well off of each other

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Seriously, I think I'm at the point where hatewatching is the only thing keeping me going. Literally nothing WWE is presenting as a big deal appeals to me. Something is seriously wrong when the most entertaining parts of Raw are Miz and Curtis Axel.

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As a personal aside, the one time I exited a wrestling ring I made the same mistake Jon Stewart did. Don't ever slide under the bottom rope feet-first and face-up, kids. The apron will fuck your back up something horrible.

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So John Cena and Rusev are only fighting at WrestleMania because that's the only way Cena can get on the card?




I want to believe Rusev has every intention of giving him the match. But he just wants to see how far Cena is willing to tarnish his virtue ethics to go to get it. This week he kills AXELMANIA. Next week he makes a make a wish kid cry. Rusev wants to destroy Cena from the inside out and it's amazing.


Speaking of amazing, I managed to catch Heyman's promo during a commercial on Better Call Saul. My God did Heyman ever torch everyone tonight. The thought of Roman losing like Cat Zingano was too damn funny. SUPERMAN PUNCH MAGG....OH NO BROCK CATCHES HIM AND HE HAS HIM IN THAT KIMURA...ROMAN'S TAPPING. ITS ALL OVER.


That would be beautiful to watch.

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