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2015 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread


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How have you not seen him fight in 2 1/2 years? The Brown fight was awesome.

As I said only fight I've seen of him was against Fitch which aired on TV last week showing UFC 153. Will look around and see if I can find the Brown fight.

Got back into MMA during TUF 20 and full hog into UFC in December. I did always pay attention to Rousey fights and most female fights.

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The Burt Watson situation was apparently Munoz had to stay back to make weight, finally made weight and there was no vehicle to take him back to the hotel which was the responsibility of Watson.  Watson didn't know what happened with the car because according to him he requested one be sent back for Munoz.  Someone high up in the UFC called Watson and chewed him out on the phone and Watson quit.  

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I'm surprised he hasn't signed for Bellator

I thought I read recently Bellator was interested in him, he even attended a live event. Apparently he tried fighting somebody at the event and the deal fell through.

Surprised they didnt sign the bloke he was fighting as well then.

Honestly I've lost all faith in Bellator being anything competitive so I'm just hoping for crazy stupid old men fighting and doing dumb shit.

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Emanuel Newton failed a drug test for marijuana metabolites at Bellator 134.

I thought he was a straight edge...



There a picture Cyborg posted of herself on a scale that reads 175 pounds that is going around the internet.

That has been circulating online since the day after her last fight with Tweet...

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So the last shoe to drop is who Randa Markos will fight next then all the TUF 20 alumni who will get 2nd fights have been announced.


Tina Lahdemaki hasn't been booked so I guess that's a feasible matchup if they don't bring someone in.

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MMA Sun has put out what could be the potential cast for TUF Brazil 4:

  • Leandro Higo (13-2)
  • Mattheus Mattos (8-0)
  • Matheus Nicolau
  • Dileno Lopes
  • Giovanni Soldado
  • Reginaldo Vieira
  • Maycon Boca
  • Eduardo Cabelo
  • Bruno Rodrigues
  • Bruno Gustavo


  • Nazareno Malegarie (27-3)
  • Nikolas Motta
  • Fernando Bruno
  • Adilson Jack
  • Andre Dede
  • Erick Carlos Silva
  • Joaquim Silva
  • Glaico Moreira


I don't know if it's the actual list, but some of the names that jump off the list are Dileno Lopes, Matheus Mattos, and Leandro Higo. All of them would be at 125 once the show is over.


Also, Thiago Tavares can stop begging to get Nazareno Malegarie into the UFC.

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