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This is some twirly fun.


This is pretty good.  The topes are old school fucking crazy.


They kind of fuck around, but the third caida is fucking beautiful.


Allright!  More Thunder and Rush beating the hell oot of each other.

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If L A PARK and Pirata Morgan wanna brawl, I'll watch.


This is good. Where is this?


Evil nazi gimmicks in Texas!


Starting round 7 minutes is fun battle of Italian grapplers.



HEY! Howzabout all this!

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Black Terry makes this one good.


A great Rudo Wad.


All of Psycho Circus can take a punch which is the key to this affair.


This is way better than it could have been.


I am not lying when I say that I have been jonesing for some Kraneo.

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More LA PARK and Pirata Morgan brawling about.


Hey!  It's British!


Big mean British ladies beating up on smaller British ladies.

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Monday is all about the llllllllladies...



The Ludark Shaitan match with Rossy Moreno in the 1-5.


Canadian lady in Mexico.


Wow, Thunder Rosa is so UNDERGROUND~! that Cagenet.net doesn't have a profile.  Her Facebook sez Northern California. 



This Hojo gal went broadway with Meiko Satomura at that same Stardom show.  She needs a sammich.  I really dig Kyouko Kimura in this.


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Mexican ladies in Japan. Okay, Star Fire is totally slick.  Watch at 10:00.



Man, Monday is ladies' day.  These just showed up on the internet.



And Rippa's New Pants Punishing Match!


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