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(Cover By Pedro Boyd)


BIG JAPAN~! is the apple of DEAN'S~! eye! RIPPA~! and BALTIMORE~! aren't on speaking terms! BLOOD~! so much BLOOD~! HARLY RAGE~! needs to buy a vowel! SHELDON GOLDBERG~! eats a sandwich! SERENA DEEB~! RAMPAGE BROWN~! MR. EXOTIC EROTIC~!?!?!?! ISRAELI PRO WRESTLING~! MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS~!






In theory - THEORY - all the videos so work but I am sure something is fucked up. I will fix it at work tomorrow

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You get to a certain point where you realize that what indy wrestling should be is shows for kids and fat guys. There is such a simple beauty in kids cheering the faces, booing the heels and the morbidly obese financing the show through concessions and photos with hot women. It is these moments when you realize that you can enjoy wrestling more and so not be annoyed by it.

A millions times this.

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Thanks for the review of the first Great Southern 8 final match Rippa. Year 2,2013 was won by Sugar Dunkerton and had about 50 people there. Year 3 was won by The Nightmare Known as Jeremiah and they drew maybe 80 people and Rod Price.


One last note,the curly redhead guy with all the tats that shows up at the beginning of the Vordell/Matthews match is Jeremy Awesome. Who last year became The Nightmare Known as Jeremiah.


Funny story about the first Pro Wrestling EGO Great Southern 8. A mentally challenged group home got tickets. But they only had room in the bus or whatever to bring 10 people. So they would bring 10 let them watch a match then take them back and bring another 10. Was told by the ringside photographer that it is because this group home bought so many tickets that the show wasn't a total bust.

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I was at one of those Beauty Slammers Shows, went to the one in Sydney that was supposed to be an IPPV but was so sparsely attended I don't think it ever saw daylight. Deeb played that coat act here too, though it made more sense since the show was in a chilly hockey arena. She also insisted Starbucks was better than Tim's. We were appropriately outraged.

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The sporting background things on cagematch just sets up unrealistic expectations - Fujinamis kid has a background in golf, so I'm disappointed he isn't using some kind of modified Polish Hammer, taking gigantic swings on his chops or even coming to the ring in an ugly golf sweater.


Or at least yellow plaid pants.

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Dean your assesment of Big Japan's current deathmatch scene is spot on, it's just maddening. You have a bunch of good wrestlers like Isami, Hoshino, Takeda, Miyamoto, etc. that are all much more enjoyable in regular matches, because it looks like their offense hurts. Then when it's deathmatch time nothing is sold, the setup is way too long with little transition, and there is no sense of struggle. If you watch the classics, even from the earlier lighttube era like MIyamoto/Sasaki and Sasaki/Kobayashi, there is still that feeling of struggle in the matches, and everything is built to and sold. That Hoshino/Isami match was enjoyable in parts, but completely lacked a story. It's frustrating to see spots like ISAMI DOING A DOUBLE KNEE DROP THROUGH CINDERBLOCKS only to be completely no sold and forgotten. Man, what happened and where did all the psychology go that Big Japan used to be known for? Well obviously it's in the Strong division now, but it's just disheartening to see some talented wrestlers go through the motions, but the strong style matches look way more painful than the deathmatches somehow.


Also, make sure to get on Sato/Ishikawa vs. Sekimoto/Kamitani from October. You'll fuggin love it, some serious lumps dished out. Sekimoto vs. Shinobu from July as well will further everyone's love of the ultimate underdog Shinobu. Oh and this month YUJI F'N OKABAYASHI returned, and even more rotund.

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