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New Japan gets TV deal in US

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I'm more shocked by the table full of MGDs at the Switchblade press conference after the match, that's not exactly a high profile beer in the MillerCoors portfolio.

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I too was not enamored by the Fantasticamania/New Beginning cards. Kind of zoned out and skipped a lot of them. Was the last AXS show Tanahashi/White? That was some good ol' pro-wrestling, at least.

I've never really cared about the Honor Rising cards, but I watched the first of the two and it blew right by. ZSJ/Umino was tight, there were some effective and unexpected finishes in the midcard and both the title matches (Ospreay/Castle and Cobb/Goto) had good work and good heat. The second card was going fine, too (another good unexpected finish) before I ran headfirst into a Jay Lethal Singles Match In Japan Nyquil Kegstand. 

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