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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase I Discussion


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Trying to see if this works better


For discussion of the Phase I movies


  • Iron Man
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man 2
  • Thor
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Marvel's The Avengers

For those who are like me and are behind on the movies - I can safely post here.


And no one cares but my order of these is. MY LIST HAS NO CREDIBILITY~!



Iron Man


Iron Man 2

CA: 1st Avenger


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The biggest shame of the phase 1 movies is that Hugo Weaving got some bug up his ass about appearing in comic movies, because for my money he's been the best villain in a marvel film to date.

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Cap is my personal favorite of Phase I, but i'd still watch Avengers over it 8 out of 10 times.


Iron Man 2 wasn't bad, but is clearly the worst of all Marvel movies not including the word "Hulk".

Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk movie wasn't as bad as the first, but that doesn't make it good either.

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I love Cap, too. I'd put it right with IM, Cap 2, and Guardians as the best of the Marvel movies right behind Avengers. I don't agree with a lot of Fowler's movie opinions but I totally agree with his sentiment that it's a damn near perfect movie. My only complaint is that they had to end with the ice treatment to get him into Avengers because I could've easily watched 1 or 2 more WWII Cap and his Howling Commandos flicks.


My oddball Phase I opinion has always been Hulk. The vast majority hate it but I loved it - I should probably admit here I'm a child of the 70s who grew up asking my mom for ripped shirts because I was obsessed with the Bixby Hulk show and the fact Norton made an unapologetic tribute to that show probably biases me a bit.


But, yeah, I'd definitely rank Hulk above either of the two Thor movies. Neither of the Thorii were bad or anything, just outside Hiddleston they seem really paint-by-numbers.

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Now that I have a giant TV, I've decided to seek out Lee's Hulk on Blu-ray and see if the effects hold up as well as I thought they had on my old TV.  This was brought to mind by The Norton Hulk being on EncoreHD, and its Hulk looked *terrible*

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So, I rewatched HULK with a more critical eye, and the Hulk himself stands up wonderfully. 


The plot, not so much.  Having all the key players tightly interconnected screams of conservation of characters to save money, a hallmark of pre-2K comic adaptations.  Also, there are times when it looks like Ang Lee has just discovered the "filters" menu on Photoshop/After Effect/Premiere.  I *did* like how they build from dark, obscured shots of the Hulk to full figure, brightly lit shots, as if transitioning from older comic book adaptations to a new era, which, sadly we had to wait another 6 years for.


So congrats to ILM for making a digital character 12 years ago that they could reuse in the next Avengers movie without tweaking it.  In fact, at points the Hulk looked more realistic than Eric Bana.


Hulk is still *much* better than The Incredible Hulk, which is an adaptation of an adaptation.  We've all seen Multiplicity, we know what happens to clones of clones.

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