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NBA - 2014-15 Regular Season - 1st Half

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That's what you'll be saying when Wade has to get his knee scoped again while fathering another 'break baby' and Bosh flails about like Dino.


The protection of goodhelmet compels me to troll even the cuddliest among us!  ^_^


That protection is still good, right?  AMIRITE??? :huh:


(and goodhelmet didn't say yes)


GASP! I SEZ NUTHING!  :unsure:

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While doing playoff predictions yesterday I thought that I would like to see conferences done with altogether. I was curious what a more balanced schedule would look like. Went with a format with each team playing each other 3 times. The flaws with this are you have an odd number of total games. It would be 87 an increase of 5. So half the league would get an extra home game during one season and less than one the following season. That would also be true for games against specific teams. So if it was in place this year the Sixers would play San Antonio twice at home and once on the road and the opposite the following season. For balancing purposes on the initial schedule you go to the next team down from the prior season. So if they have 2 home games against San Antonio they have 2 road games against Oklahoma City. I realized that saying all this would be pointless without showing what the potential impact on the league would be and how things would look different.


It might only be of interest to me but I will post it anyway. I am going to use the 2013-2014 to do this. I did math for everything. Took into account records against the other conference during the season. Teams records against their own conference. Also versus the teams they played 4 times rather than 3 in their own conference. Which covers division play. Also took into account the extra home and road game from having the odd numbers. My main reason for doing this was just to see which teams would benefit most. I think everyone realizes that this would benefit Western teams more. I was just curious how much they would benefit.


First a look at last season. For all the talk about how terrible the East is if you removed conferences last year, but kept the schedule the same to protect regional rivalries, the only change would be that Atlanta is out and Phoenix is in.

Last Season:

  1. San Antonio
  2. OKC
  3. LA Clippers
  4. Indiana
  5. Miami
  6. Houston
  7. Portland
  8. Golden State
  9. Memphis
  10. Dallas
  11. Toronto
  12. Chicago
  13. Phoenix
  14. Brooklyn
  15. Washington
  16. Charlotte
  17. Timberwolves
  18. Atlanta
  19. New York
  20. Denver
  21. New Orleans
  22. Cleveland
  23. Detroit
  24. Sacramento
  25. Lakers
  26. Boston
  27. Utah
  28. Orlando
  29. Philly
  30. Milwaukee

So playoff matchups in the first round would have been

Charlotte vs San Antonio

Washington vs OKC

Brooklyn vs LA Clippers

Phoenix vs Indiana

Chicago vs Miami

Toronto vs Houston

Dallas vs Portland

Memphis vs Golden State

Houston vs Houston

Dallas vs Portland

Memphis vs Golden State


Now for the results of what it would look like with all teams playing each other 3 times. I am going to post the new win total only. I have the losses as well and added them all up to make sure the numbers are the same. They are the same. Just as expected the West benefited the most. The change was that East went from playing East 52 times and West 30 times to current East 42 and West 45. Although the West benefited more the changes weren't drastic at all.


Adjusted Totals

  1. San Antonio 68
  2. OKC 63
  3. LA Clippers 61
  4. Houston 60
  5. Portland 59
  6. Indiana 58
  7. Miami 57
  8. Memphis 56
  9. Golden State 55
  10. Dallas 55
  11. Phoenix 53
  12. Toronto 50
  13. Brooklyn 48
  14. Chicago 47
  15. Timberwolves 44
  16. Washington 43
  17. Charlotte 43
  18. New Orleans 42
  19. Denver 40
  20. Atlanta 38
  21. New York 37
  22. Cleveland 35
  23. Sacramento 31
  24. Lakers 30
  25. Utah 28
  26. Detroit 28
  27. Boston 23
  28. Orlando 23
  29. Philadelphia 19
  30. Milwaukee 15


Biggest winner was Minnesota that became a playoff team.  New Orleans had the largest jump in win total but still not a playoff team. Not surprising since they got hammered by being in a division with 4 playoff teams. Teams hurt the most were Chicago and Washington. Not enough to keep them from the playoffs though.


Playoffs this way

Washington vs San Antonio

Minnesota vs Oklahoma City

Chicago vs LA Clippers

Brooklyn vs Houston

Toronto vs Portland

Phoenix vs Indiana

Dallas  vs Miami

Golden State vs Memphis


In the end I'm surprised how things didn't change more drastically but I suppose the answer to that was visible. Top East teams had good records against the West for the most part. I will have to check out another season or two but after doing just one I'm a little more comfortable now with how things are at the moment.

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The real question is how many Western Conference teams make the playoffs if they played in the East.


Last year it was 10, this year it might be 12.

I think 11 appear to be safe bets. San Antonio, OKC, LAC, Portland, GS, Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Denver, New Orleans. Might be easier to ask which teams in the East would be safe bets for a playoff spot if they were in the West? Chicago hasn't done well the last 2 seasons against the West but with Rose healthy they should. Cleveland as well. That might be it for safe bets. Only 4 had winning records against the West last year. Miami 20-10, Brooklyn 18-12, Indiana 18-12, Toronto 16-14. Only one of those teams is trending upwards. I think 3 of them would be fighting for the 7th or 8th seed.


It has to hurt conference balance in someway that 1-3 talented Western Conference teams end up with lottery picks every year. Tough to get things even.

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This year, my excitement is built around WHO will be available to play for the Lakers! Last year, we had that epic game against the Cavs with like 6 players and a few fouled out. Already out to start the season are Swaggy P, Xavier Henry, maybe Ronnie Price and of course Steve Nash is out for the season. I THINK they have 12 players to open the season. I THINK!




Kidding, I'm looking forward to seeing Julius Randle, Kobe returning, and seeing the Lin/Davis pick & roll. I don't dislike the roster (its not great, but they actually have a few young guys. Last year, they had no one really) and I think Ed Davis will come out of this season earning himself a Jodie Meeks pay raise next summer.


Team lacks outside shooting, has way too many poor defenders, already lacks point guards, has several guys injured ALREADY! I could see Byron Scott quit by January. :)

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"We back." :)


Has basketball passed baseball as the second most popular sport yet in the U.S.? :ph34r:


Dallas played the Spurs the best last year in the playoffs.  Lets see what they got this year.

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That's what you'll be saying when Wade has to get his knee scoped again while fathering another 'break baby' and Bosh flails about like Dino.

The protection of goodhelmet compels me to troll even the cuddliest among us! ^_^

That protection is still good, right? AMIRITE??? :huh:

(and goodhelmet didn't say yes)


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Pelicans have a nice roster but I don't see how it all fits together. Love Davis and Asik in the front. I don't know what to think about Gordon, Holiday and Evans all in the same backcourt.


So... Davis and Asik apparently combined for 40 points, 34 rebounds, and 14 blocks tonight. Yeah. That's a pretty good start. I agree with you, though, that the backcourt is going to be the biggest question mark.

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