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The August Soccer Thread....


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This Celtic/not that Shakhtar match is awe inspiring. So much action.


Also, why would Eriksen sign for Spurs when they have 6 or so really good attacking midfielders? Makes no sense other than wanting to get out of Amsterdam.


Wellllll...they don't necessarily have ones that play the classic #10


Lennon, Chadli are wingers

Capoue is a holder

Paulinho is a box to box

Dembele for whatever reason seems to get played further back by AVB which personally I think is a bit of a waste

Holtby is either injured or completely out of favour

Sigurdsson isn't really on Eriksen's level


So...yeah. IMHO of course.


-edit- I forgot Lamela but from what I've seen/read of him in Italy he'd likely be put out on the right and cut in on his left a la...someone.

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