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Dolfan in NYC

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Those pics of Lance Russell are awesome and it's great to see him looking so well. I hope I'm as good as him when I'm nearing 90. It was great when lawler introduced him before Raw and his voice is still perfect! Suddenly, I was awash with disappointment that Lance Russell wasn't commentating the Nexus invasion in 2010. Can you imagine Lance, microphone still on, berating Bryan for choking out Justin Roberts? Admonishing Darren Young for pulling up the ringside mats? Man, the moments we've missed.


Lance would have the hammer for the ring bell and he'd tell Barrett he might beat him down, but he'd get one good lick in before he did.

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I'm guessing that was probably around when Tajiri was working in Mexico.  I'm trying to remember if he's someone that was on Victor Quinones would have tried to get him a shot in WWF.


Yeah Tajiri was a Quinones connected guy from way back

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When did Dane Cook win the MITB briefcase?


He didn't. Ambrose stumbled into his dressing room, thinking Rollins might be in there, shrugged and figured this was a good second choice, laid Cook out with the briefcase, then stole his clothes.



That's not the money in the bank briefcase.  If you saw the whole picture you would see that it says:





It's part of Dean's filing system.  He keeps his belongings filed in suitcases based on where he originally found things.


He has another one marked:


Window sill



and a more disturbing one labelled


birds nest

dead? guy - shoes and/or pockets

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