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[CBMT] DC Bracket Round One # 2


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B&R vs. Watchmen is a really tough matchup for me. I like both of those movies better than the general consensus.


They are both wildly underrated.  Batman & Robin is really, really good at being what it wants to be (a then-modern update of Batman '66, with a blockbuster budget) and Watchmen somehow gets knocked both for being too faithful and not faithful enough to the source material.


Of course, I've been fighting the "B&R needs reevaluated" battle on this board for years, and I think maybe two people have actually sat down and re-watched it.  I maintain that it is, at bare minimum, a better film than Forever or Rises.

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I finally went with B&R, based simply on rewatchability. You can jump into that movie at any point and be entertained. WATCHMEN is something you kinda have to invest in watching, and as such, I haven't rewatched it nearly as much. But I still like it a lot, and even think it *gasp* improves on the graphic novel in some ways.

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