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The DEFINITIVE Observer Star Ratings List

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2/18/87 - Brody vs. Sheik (CWF) ****1/2


Is that Farhat or Sheiky Baby?  Either way it seems... unlikely.



That's the Original Sheik, although I would've loved to see Brody and the humbler get it on.



There were a couple Brody/Matt Borne vs. Sheiky/Al Perez matches in WCCW in '87, but it looks like they were just house shows.

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Has anyone ever quizzed Dave on why he gave Savage/Steamboat ****1/2? I mean, I get that this is subjective, but...


I assume the interference finish knocked it down?



The Steele interference probably prevented it from getting a 4 3/4 rating, but I'm not sure about it being the 5.

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Dave didn't start giving Star Ratings until 1984 yearbook, the '83 Tiger/Kid match didn't get a star rating.


As far as the five star matches, there are some you are missing and some that are listed as five star, but did not initially receive that rating. (IE Kandori/Hokuto from DreamSlam got a 4 3/4 from Dave, but it is believed later that he gave it a full 5).


Below is an accurate list, through 1994, of 5 star rated matches (by Dave).


Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Nobuhiko Takada (UWF 12/5/84)
Stan Hansen / Bruiser Brody vs. Dory Funk / Terry Funk (AJPW 12/8/84)
Tiger Mask II vs. Kuniaki Kobayashi (AJPW 3/9/85)
Lioness Asuka vs. Jaguar Yokota (All Japan Women 8/22/85)
Jumbo Tsuruta / Genichrio Tenryu vs. Riki Choshu / Yoshiaki Yatsu (All Japan 1/28/86)
Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (NWA Battle of the Belts 2 (CWF 2/14/86)
Sheepherders vs. Fantastics (JCP 4/19/86)
Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (NWA World Wide 1/20/87)
Chigusa Nagayo vs. Lioness Asuka (All Japan Women 2/26/87)
Keiji Mutoh / Shiro Koshinaka vs. Akira Maeda / Nobuhiko Takada (New Japan 3/20/87)
Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (JCP 4/11/87)
Lioness Asuka/Mika Komatsu/Kazue Nagahori/Mitsuko Nishiwaki/Etsuko Mita/Sachiko Nakamura vs. Chigusa Nagayo/Yumiko Hotta/Mika Takahashi/Mika Suzuki/Yachiyo Hirata/Yumi Ogura (About 17:30 of 50:00 Shown - All Japan Women 12/6/87)
Toshiaki Kawada / Genichiro Tenryu vs. Stan Hansen / Terry Gordy (All Japan RWTL 12/16/88)
Genichrio Tenryu, Toshiaki Kawada / Samson Fuyuki vs. Jumbo Tsuruta, Yoshiaki Yatsu/Masanobu Fuchi (All Japan 1/28/89)
Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair (NWA Chi-Town Rumble 2/20/89)
Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (WCW/NWA - Landover, MD 3/18/89) (Actually gave it 6*)
Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair (2/3 falls, Clash 6 4/2/89)
Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (NWA WrestleWar 89 5/7/89)
Jumbo Tsuruta vs Genichiro Tenryu (AJPW 6/5/89)
Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk ("I Quit" Match, Clash 9 11/15/89)
Jushin Liger v. Naoki Sano (New Japan 1/31/90)
Mitsuharu Misawa v. Jumbo Tsuruta (All Japan 6/8/90)
Jumbo Tsuruta/Akira Taue/Masanobu Fuchi v. Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada/Kenta Kobashi (All Japan 10/19/90)
Bull Nakano v. Akira Hokuto (AJW 1/4/91)
Bull Nakano v. Yumiko Hotta (Cage Match)(AJW 1/23/91)
R. Flair/L. Zbyszko/B. Windham/Sid Vicious v. Sting/B. Pillman/R. Steiner/S. Steiner (War Games)(WCW WrestleWar 2/24/91)
Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada/Kenta Kobashi v. Jumbo Tsuruta/Akira Taue/Masanobu Fuchi (All Japan 4/20/91)
Cactus Jack v. Eddie Gilbert (2/3 Falls)(TWA 8/3/91)
Toshiyo Yamada/Manami Toyota v. Yumiko Hotta/Suzuka Minami (AJW 3/7/92)
Kyoko Inoue v. Manami Toyota (AJW WrestleMarinpiad IV 4/25/92)
Jushin Liger v. El Samurai (New Japan 4/30/92)
Atsushi Onita/Tarzan Goto/El Hijo Del Santo v. Negro Casas/Horace Boulder/Tim Patterson (FMW in the USA 5/16/92)
Sting/Windham/Rhodes/Steamboat/Koloff v. Austin/Rude/Anderson/Eaton/Zbyszko (War Games)(WCW WrestleWar 5/17/92)
Jumbo Tsuruta/Masanobu Fuchi/Akira Taue v. Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi/Toshiaki Kawada (All Japan 5/22/92)
Dan Kroffat/Doug Furnas v. Kenta Kobashi/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (Extended Version) (All Japan 5/25/92)
Kenta Kobashi/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi v. Masanobu Fuchi/Yoshinari Ogawa (All Japan 7/5/92)
Manami Toyota v. Toshiyo Yamada (AJW 8/15/92)
Rey Mysterio Jr./Super Calo/Winners v. Psicosis/Heavy Metal/Picudo (AAA 1/29/93)
Kyoko Inoue/Takako Inoue v. Cutie Suzuki/Mayumi Ozaki (AJW 4/2/93)
Dynamite Kansai/Mayumi Ozaki v. Manami Toyota/Toshiyo Yamada (AJW 4/11/93)
Kenta Kobashi v. Toshiaki Kawada (All Japan 4/14/93)
Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi/Jun Akiyama v. Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue/Yoshinari Ogawa (All Japan 7/2/93)
Stan Hansen v. Kenta Kobashi (All Japan 7/29/93)
D. Kansai/C. Suzuki/M. Ozaki/H. Fukuoka v. Aja Kong/S. Hasegawa/K. Inoue/T. Inoue (Thunder Queen)(JWP 7/31/93)
Steve Williams v. Kenta Kobashi (All Japan 8/31/93)
Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue v. Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi (All Japan Tag League 12/3/93)
Manami Toyota/Toshiyo Yamada v. Dynamite Kansai/Mayumi Ozaki (AJW 12/6/93)
Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi/Giant Baba v. Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue/Masanobu Fuchi (All Japan 1/29/94)
Shawn Michaels v. Razor Ramon (Ladder Match)(Wrestlemania X 3/20/94)
Wild Pegasus v. Great Sasuke (Super J Cup Finals 4/16/94)
Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi v. Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue (All Japan 5/21/94)
Mitsuharu Misawa v. Toshiaki Kawada (All Japan 6/3/94)
Jushin Liger v. Great Sasuke (New Japan 7/8/94)
Bret Hart v. Owen Hart (Cage Match)(Summerslam 8/29/94)
El Hijo del Santo/Octagon v. Eddy Guerrero/Art Barr (Double Mask v. Double Hair)(AAA 11/6/94)
Aja Kong v. Manami Toyota (AJW 11/20/94)
Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Juventud Guerrera (AAA 11/30/94)
Also missing the Main Event Tag from 12/14/00 NJPW Judgment PPV
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Here are some I've found post-1994:


4/1/1995 Octagon, El Hijo Del Santo and Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Fuerza Guerrera, Psicosis and Blue Panther

Dave said it came awfully close if not hitting five stars, I am not sure if he means that as giving it five stars


6/27/1995 Aja Kong vs Manami Toyota

This rating was based on an edited version of the match. He said it was a lot better than the match where Toyota won the title in Yokohama and was easily a MOTYC but that their 1994 Tokyo Dome match was better.


7/23/1995 Manami Toyota vs Mima Shimoda

This was from the Grand Prix and Dave said he was convinced Toyota was the best in the business.  


3/9/1996 Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera ECW

Dave said this might have been the best US match of 1996


10/10/1996 Dick Togo, Mens Teoh, Shiryu, Taka Michinoku and Shoichi Funaki vs Gran Naniwa, Gran Hamada, Super Delfin, Tiger Mask and Masato Yakushiji

Dave referred to this as non-stop and nearly flawless. 


6/29/1998 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka RINGS

Dave said this was the best match of 1998 and that it was the best match he'd ever seen in the worked shoot style.

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