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So the new titles coming out under the Dark Matter sorta-imprint? $2.99 cover, no variants. 


Honestly it's interesting to see how hard they're pushing this as an answer to fan and retailer complaints lately.

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Titans: The Return of Wally West. A solid enough story reestablishing Wally as a part of the team while managing to have Wally both move on from Linda as she is now while also leaving the door open for the relationship to come back. As someone who never really read the original series outside of Judas Contract and who didn't catch the mini preceding this this could only do so much for me. What is here isn't bad though and leaves enough for me to at least want to check out the next volume.

Suicide Squad: The Black Vault. Nice set up for the team and general character dynamics with a nice big name villain to start off with. This is a lot closer to what I was hoping to see from the New 52 when they announced Suicide Squad. A lot of it feels like it calls back to Ostrander's run from the psych evaluations, to the quieter yet big missions outside of US soil, to a Waller who seems to have actual nuance and some gray area instead of nearly evil Waller so many writers lazily go for. Still not fond of Harley being on the team, but her voice reads much better is this volume than it did in the last series I read. Hopefully they also go for a rotating roster depending on the mission like Ostrander did. Always made more sense to use specific people for some missions. I'm kind of regretting not picking this up when it started since I'm now behind. This turned out way better than hoped for.

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