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On 3/13/2018 at 2:51 AM, piranesi said:

So when I downloaded the Comixology app to read my cheesy horror comics it I guess signed me up for a trial of Comixology Unlimted.


Is it worth it to keep it for awhile?  Or is it just a teaser thing where it lets you read one or two issues and then you have to buy the rest?

It's got a rotating collection of stuff (as was pointed out above, mostly but not entirely volume 1s) but it also gets you a 10% discount on most non-DC publishers and a 15% discount with Marvel.  Mine pays for itself more months than not, but we'll see if that continues after Fresh Start and whatever the fuck IDW is doing with the Hasbro stuff.

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Comixology has a Captain Marvel/Shazam sale going on. The Jeff Smith Monster Society mini is $6, the entire Ordway Power of Shazam is marked down to a buck (shame they don't have TPBs to buy, it's still almost $50 for the full set) and they have First Thunder and Cap's JSA stint marked down too, as well as other stuff.  Weirdly, they only have the second TPB of the all-ages Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, but it's still a great comic and doesn't really require you to have read issues 1-6.

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