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The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn (7/6/2014) - Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay Events Center)


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Put all of your money on Edgar, if you weren't already doing that. On Joe Rogan's podcast, Ian McCall said that he was helping BJ train for this fight, except BJ is doing no strength and conditioning training. BJ's strength and conditioning consists of...




McCall thinks BJ is in incredible shape though, because BJ was able to outpace McCall during training. Mind you, McCall's hip and groin are both fucked up, so most guys are going to be able to go longer than McCall at this point.


What a shock that BJ got housed by Frankie. BJ didn't do shit for this fight except for farming. He was also in the process of opening up his new gym. So basically, his prep for this fight consisted of doing all the shit he would do when he's retired.


Way to go BJ. At the very least, I'm sure the pay day will help him run his gym.

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You're taking the word of what one guy said on a podcast about BJ's strength and conditioning training.  I have some news for you, BJ didn't lose because of a lack of strength and conditioning training.  He lost because he lacks the speed and footwork to even remotely begin to compete in striking with someone like Frankie Edgar. 


In regards to strength and conditioning training in general- lots of guys do unorthodox stuff.  Out of successful ones Fedor comes to mind.   

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This main card should have been called The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Always Bet on Black.


Well, BJ really fucked up because he picked none of the black guys for his team (not even the ones who sucked).


The regular episodes of this were filmed ages ago, months and months ago, right? Like Autumn 2013? I think someone in power is getting bored of the format.

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