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TNA IMPACT! on Spike TV review/discussion

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TNA IMPACT! 10/1/05

  • Show starts off with a really well put together video package introducing TNA to a new audience. Puts TNA over as an alternative not just WWE-Lite.

Later Tonight – Jeff Hardy vs Rhino

Later Tonight – Controversy in Canada

Match One: TNA X Division Champion AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong in a non title bout

  • These two subsequently faced each other in the opening match of the first IMPACT! On FSN.

  • AJ makes his way to the ring. They show a female fan in the crowd with AJ Styles Action Figures. Roderick is already in the ring. Roderick jumps AJ at the bell and takes the lead early. That lead is short lived as AJ takes control. Fast paced action as AJ throws Roddy in the corner giving him chops and punches to the face. Roderick reverses a clothesline into a suplex. AJ lands on his feet and football tackles Roderick into a turnbuckle. More chops and face punches in the corner. A series of reversals, tie ups, elbows to the head and lead frogs leads to a dropkick from Styles to Strong. AJ hulks up a dives onto Strong on the outside. AJ rolls Roderick back into the ring and gets a near fall, Roderick kicks out at two. AJ puts Roderick into a submission hold. AJ chops Roderick in the corner for a third time, as Christopher Daniels comes down to ringside yelling things at AJ. Roderick is still in the corner and AJ is punching him. AJ turns his back on Roderick and has some words for Daniels. Roderick kicks AJ in the back and performs the backbreaker. Daniels proclaims that AJ is “holding his title”. Strong gets a two count off the backbreaker. Daniels starts yelling at audience members. Strong puts AJ in the Cobra Clutch. Crowd rallies behind AJ as he fights out of the clutch. Strong breaks the hold. AJ kicks Strong in the head. Strong goes for a clothesline AJ hits the Pele kick and hulks up again. AJ does a double spring moonsault into a reverse DDT. AJ hits the Styles Clash and get the three count. Winner by Pinfall AJ Styles. Daniels looks on in disbelief as AJ Celebrates in the ring.

  • Really good competitive squash. Some great high flying spots and put AJ styles over as one of their top stars and homegrown talents. Great way to open up the debut show on Spike. The showcase on the X Division was a smart move especially with how stagnant the WWE's Cruiserweight division was at the time. Also Christopher Daniels coming to ringside was a nice way to introduce and advance the Styles-Daniels fued to a national audience without overshadowing the match.

  • Mike Tenay and Don West run down the rest of the show

Later Tonight – Controversy in Canada

  • Video package showcasing the Alpha Male Monty Brown, focusing on his pro football background with footage included.

  • Backstage: Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. Brown proclaims that Spike TV has just became Serengeti Television. He then welcomes us to the Serengeti. We are about to feel the PPPPOOOOUUUUUUNNNNNCCCCCEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period!

  • Shane send us to a commotion in the back.

  • Raven is hitting fools in the head with a trash can until security abperhands him and Larry Zbyszko orders he be evicted from the building.

Match Two: Monty Brown vs Lex Lovitt

  • The AJ Styles Action Figure chick is not a fan of the Alpha Male. She is giving him a big thumbs down.

  • Tie up to start. Brown knees Lovitt in the ribs to break up the tie. Punch to the face, belly to back suplex, head to a turn buckle then Irish whip. Brown runs at Lex, Lovitt leap frogs out of the way and punches Brown in the face. Series of punches to a side of Browns head. Brown gets the upper hand picks up Lovitt, another knee to the ribs then Belly to back suplex. Brown delievers a nasty Pounce. Brown gets the three count. Winner by pinfall Monty Brown.

  • Quick squash match that gets Brown over as a force to be reckon with.

Later tonight: Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino

  • Video package spotlighting the X Division. Some really sweet footage in this, putting over the innovation and uniqueness of the division. The video also introduces a new audience to AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin & Christopher Daniels. It was a nice touch addressing these 5 by name.

Match Three: Petey Williams vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin

  • Time for an X Division showcase. Not a bad choice after that video package.

  • Alex Shelley comes out rocking sun glasses and a leather jacket looking indy-riffic

  • Petey Williams talks Shelley into teaming up against Sabin. Shelley abides the count to 3, Petey charges, Shelley stays behind. Petey gets chopped by Sabin for his troubles. Sabin face punches Petey in the corner before setting his sights on Shelley. Shelley puts Sabin in some strange triangle submission lock thing. Petey dropkicks Shelley in the face. Petey puts a leg on Sabins back, who is still tied up in that submission lock. Petey sings “Oh Canada” then baseball slides Sabin right in the face. Petey turns his attention on Shelley punching him a few time sin the face. Shelley reverses an Irish whip and sends Petey straight into a swift kick in the ribs from Sabin. Shelley positions Petey for a DDT he elevates and kicks Sabin into the corner. Sabin jumps over Petey and school boy rolls up Shelly for a two count. Petey breaks up the count and rolls up Sabin only to get a two count. Shelley rolls up Petey merely for a one count. Sabin chops Shelley and whips him into the corner. He then Irish Whips Petey performing arunning trip, then does a top rope stomp onto Peteys head. Petey rolls out of the ring. Shelly got the upper hand in the ring while the camera is focused on Petey Williams on the outside. Sabin rolls to the outside. Shelley goes to jump out of the ring but Sabin rolls back in so he stops on the apron. Sabin runs at Shelley baseball sliding to take him out but Shelley leaps over him back in the ring. Sabin hits Williams instead. Sabin springs up to the middle rope. Shelly chops him then suicide dives through the middle rope and Sabins legs onto Williams. Sabin moonsaults onto both Shelley and Williams smashing his shins into the guardrail in the process. Commercial Break. A lot of action in this match to keep up with. Back from the break, all three men are in the ring. Petey gets a two count on Sabin. Petey argues with the ref. Alex Shelley suplexes Sabin. He gets a wrist lock on Sabin and brings him back up, he brings him back down and applies the figure four head scissors. Shelley then chants “lets go Shelly” to taunt the crowd. Shelley turns Sabin over and pounds his head repeatedly into the canvas with his thighs, as Petey cheers him on. Shelley and Petey start working together they double suplex Sabin. Shelley gets up too early and goes back down. He gets up again and smacks heads with Petey. They start arguing, Shelley goes for the pin on Sabin Petey pushes him off goes for a pin of his own gets a one count Shelley pushes him off in retaliation. They argue some more, Shelley punches Petey in the face. They start trading punches Williams pokes Shelley in the eyes. Sabin rolls out and kicks both men in the face. Sabin hulks up. He whips Petey towards turnbuckle, Petey reverses but Sabin uses the turnbuckle leaping over Petey he runs full force into said turnbuckle. Shelley charges Sabin, who moves out of the way, Shelley spears Petey into the turnbuckle harming himself. Sabin rolls him up for a one. Shelley kicks out, Sabin uses the momentum to spear Williams into the turnbuckle. Sabin trips Shelley right into Peteys balls. Petey is taking all sorts of abuse right now. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Shelley gets out of it takes Sabin down to his knees and kicks him in the back of the head. Shelley then brainbusters Sabin only to get a two count. Sabin fights out of a reverse DDT. Williams side Russian Leg Sweeps Shelley. Petey motions for a Canadian Destroyer but Sabin counters and performs a running power bombs Petey getting a two count. Lots of two counts in this one. Sheely reverse DDT's Williams. Williams cant catch a break in this one. Shelley goes to side kick Sabin but Sabin blocks it. Sabin kicks Shelley in the back of the head then performs the Cradle Shock for the three. Winner by pinfall Chris Sabin. Williams breaks the pin up a secnd too late. Petey attacks Sabin then hits the Canadian Destroyer on him. The Crowd cants TNA.

  • A very fun fast paced X Division match. Alot of sweet spots in the match. All three men busted their asses putting on a good match. A great way to showcase the X Division as the next big thing in wrestling.

  • Backstage: Shane Douglas is interviewing Zbyszko in front of his office. Larry Z says he has a big suprise. Tito Ortiz then comes into frame. Tito and Larry step into Larrys office. Douglas puts his ear to the door.

Still to Come: Controversy in Canada

Up Next: Jeff Hardy vs Rhino

  • Video Package on 3LK, The 3 Live Kru: BG James, Konnan & Ron Killings. These video packages are a great way to introduce the audience to your roster in a minutes time.

Next Week: 3 Live Kru vs Team Canada

Match Four: Jeff Hardy vs Rhino

  • Rhino is out first and sprints to the ring

  • Out next is Jeff Hardy who dry humps the entrance ramp on his way to the ring.

  • AJ Styles Action Figure also has a Jeff Hardy Action Figure

  • Hardy takes his sweet time to get into the ring

  • Once Hardy is in the ring Rhino attacks him from behind. Rhino kicks Hardy in the corner. He then starts punching Hardy. Hardy starts fighting back with a series of elbows to Rhino's gut. The momentum is short lived as Rhino counters and gets wrist lock on Hardy. Hardy reverses and Rhino answers it with a punch to the face. He then chops hardy. A lot of chops tonight. Another Irish whip reversal which Hardy uses to clothesline Rhino. Hardy punches Rhino in the corner. Irish whip into another corner, Rhino counters with a punch. Hardy goes to kick Rhino Rhino catches Hardy spinning headkicks Rhino with his other leg. Rhino falls into the corner. Hardy elevates himself with the toprope and double kicks the prone Rhino. Hardy goes for the pin. Only to get the two. Rhino spinbusters Hardy. He attempts a pin only to get the two count himself. Rhino stomps on the head of Hardy. Rhino stalks his prey then uses the bottom rope to choke Hardy. Rhino then continues to kick Hardy. Hardy starts fighting back with punches to Rhino. Rhino beats him down. Rhino scoop slams Hardy. He then attempts a second rope splash but Hardy rolls out of the way. Both men trade punches on their feet. Hardy gets the upper hand whipping Rhino into the corner. Hardy does a double leg takedown followed by a double leg drop to the groin of Rhino for the two count. Rhino reverses an Irish whip into a belly to belly suplex. Rhino positions for The Gore. He goes for The Gore but Hardy gets out of the way, Rhino hits the turnbuckle. Hardy Twist of Fates Rhino. Hardy goes for the Swanton as Abyss Storms the ring, tossing Hardy off the top rope. Match is declared a No Contest. Abyss continues his attack on Hardy. Hardy unleashes a fury of punches to The Monster Abyss. Hardy executes a running moonsault onto Abyss. Rhino attacks Hardy from behind with a running forearm to the back. Abyss stomps on Hardy in the corner. Abyss and Rhino double team Hardy. As James Mitchell yells words of encouragement from the outside. Mitchell slides Abyss a chair. Rhino grabs the chair from Abyss and the debate who gets to hit Hardy with it. They pay tug of war over the chair. The lights go out and the Impact Zone goes crazy. The lights come back on and Sabu is in the middle of the ring. Sabu cleans house attacking Rhinomand Abyss with the chair. Hardy tosses Abyss to the outside as Sabu does the Arabian face buster to Rhino. Hardy leaps onto Abyss on the outside from the top rope. Sabu does his running leap off the chair to the outside onto Rhino. Sabu and Hardy celebrate in the ring as Tenay hypes the Monsters Ball Match at Bound For Glory.

  • The match itself was pretty slow and didnt heat up until the Abyss run in. This was more to hype the Monsters Ball Match between Hardy, Abyss, Rhino and Sabu and Bound for Glory then it was the actual match.

UP Next: AMW and NWA Champion Jeff Jarrett

  • After the night long hype we finally got to see the Controversy in Canada footage.

  • We see clips from the match in Windsor, Ontario where Jarrett won the NWA ttitle from raven on 9/15/05. AMW run in turning heel to help Jarret regain. Raven leaves the building with a towel over his head in shame while Jarrett celebrates with AMW and Coach Scott D'More reveals to have been apart of the plan all along. The whole thing was under a minute clocking in at 57 seconds. With all the hype they could have at least shown more of the match or a promo from Raven on his feelings of being screwed out of the title.

  • Jeff Jarrett along with Americas Most Wanted; Chris Harris & James Storm, come down to the ring. Jarrett has the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and his trusty guitar with him.

  • Jarrett is in the ring and has the mic. This is the single greatest day of his life. Poor bastard. He rambles on about doing everything he said he'd do in this business. The crowd is letting him have it. Theres a strange blue lighting in the ring. Jarrett Sucks chant starts. He publicly thanks AMW. Jarrett brings out “the smartest Canadian walking Gods green earth”, Coach Scott D'More.

  • D'More with mic in hand makes his way to the ring. Tenay mentions that D'More's family owns the promotion where Jarrett regained the NWA Title, putting the pieces together for us at home.

  • D'More says he keep his end of the bargin but now its time for Jarrett to uphold his end of the bargin. They will rule TNA together but Jarrett owes the Cach one anytime anywhere. They shake on it then embrace in the hug.

  • For the last four months Jarrett has been told what to do but now the shoe is on the other foot.

  • 3 Live Kru comes out interrupting Jeff's rant.

  • Konnan yells for his dogs. He then tells Jarrett that he is boring the people half to death. The crowd agrees. He tells Jarrett that he did not build TNA but the fans and wrestlers like 3LK in fact did. He then tells Jarrett to shut up and calls him a Bia Bia.

  • Jarrett tells them to make him.

  • 3LK charges the ring and brawl with AMW and Jarrett. Team Canada storms the ring to aid Jarrett and AMW. The number game over power 3LK. The crowd erupts in a USA chant.

  • The former Dudley Boyz; Team 3D make their TNA debut. Rushing the ring, cleaning house on AMW and Jarrett. They 3D Storm then Harris. They corner Jarrett as he pleads for his life. They Irish whip Jarrett setting up the 3D but Jarrett Escapes the ring.

  • As Jarrett gloats his way up the ramp bootleg G-Funk starts to play and Kevin Nash eneters the Impact Zone chasing Jarrett back into the ring. Bubba or Brother Ray scoop slams Jarrett. Devon then does the wassup dive into Jarretts balls. Nash does a weak Jack Knife Powerbomb to Jarrett.

  • Nash grabs a mic and claims “Planet Jarrett is alittle of axis tonight” he then informs Jarrett that he will be putting the NWA World Title up against him at Bound for Glory.

  • Devon challenges AMW to a match next week on Impact.

  • All in all it was a good show focusing on homegrown stars and the X Division with the right amount of ex-WWE and WCW guys sprinkled in. The ending segment got a little cluster fucky at the end there but it was a fun hour of wrestling none the less.

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I would say TNA 2005 was probably the best mixture of old and new stars. It wasn't as nuts as during The Hogan Era. Everyone was over- guys like Hardy, Rhino, Raven, Sabu, etc. and they could still work. Toss in guys like Storm, Roode, Styles, Daniels, Shelley, etc. and it usually made for some good TV. TNA's massive reboot prior to the Spike TV launch was an issue for a lot of fans at the time. During the 'Dark Era' of Impact: Raven, Daniels (?), and Team Canda (?) were the TNA champions. As soon as TNA went to TNA: all the previous title holders, that the current title holder beats, regained their respective championships.


I rememeber watching this and thinking that the future was bright for TNA. I can't help but to watch this video now and think about all the blown opportunities, missed shots, etc. I look at this episode and I see money, but I also see a promotion that is scared as shit to step outside the box in fear of getting booted off of Spike and forcing to close show early. This episode of Impact became the embodiment of TNA: play it safe. As safe as possible. Whether its safe in the title world (give all titles back to AMW, JJ, and Styles) or safe as in WWE (make sure Sabu, Hardy, Rhino,and Raven are as close to the mainevent as possible regardless of crowd support).

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The "Controversy in Canada" stuff was stupid, they had just run a PPV and had their debut Spike show soon after yet they switch the title and turn AMW heel at a BCW show. It was one of many terrible references to Montreal they seem still to this day obsessed with bringing up. It is a shame too, because I think Bound For Glory 2005 is one of their better shows. It is a shame they didn't run Daniels-Joe-Styles at it when there would have been more eyes on it.

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TNA IMPACT! 10/8/05

  • Show starts off with a recap of Team 3D's debut in TNA last week.

  • Team 3D cut a promo hyping their match with AMW tonight. Testify my brother testify.

    Raven is handcuffed and being escorted out of the Impact Zone.

  • Action Figure Girl has the 3LK figures in a sneaker.

Match One: Team Canada (Eric Young, Bobby Roode & A-1) vs 3 Live Kru (BG James, Konnan & Ron Killings)

  • Team Canada is out first. With Coach Scott D'Amore leading the charge waving his Canadian flag attached to a hockey stick.

  • Konnan does his thing before the match

  • BG grabs the mic and does his thing

  • The Canadians jump 3LK at the ring of the bell. Bobby Roode and BG James are the last two in the ring to start the match. Killings is fighting Young on the outside. D'Amore has joined Tenay and West at the commentary table. BG gets the upper hand on Roode with a series of punches. Young distracts BG on the apron and Roode hits James with a clothesline. He then kicks James he is on the mat. D'Amore reveals that it was him and Jarrett who had Raven escorted from the Impact Zone. Roode tags in A-1 who is kicking James in the corner. He then starts punching James. Team Canada has the upper hand. A-1 starts chocking James. A-1 tags Roode back in. He starts choking James with his boot. The Impact Zone starts singing the National Anthem which is distracting to Roode. Kip James aka the former Billy Gunn is sitting backwards on a chair at the entrance ramp seemingly scouting the match. Roode performs a neckbreaker on James. He goes for a pin attempt and only gets a two count. Roode punches James in the head. Roode has a chinlock on James. Really cool over the shoulder shot of Kip james watching the action in the ring. That's something you wouldn't see in the WWE. BG James is powering up from the support of the crowd. He elbows out of the lock and gets to his feet. Roode and James trade punches. A series of runs off the ropes leads to a mid ring collision both men or on the canvas. Both men crawl to their respected corners. BG tags in Ron Killings. Rood tags in Eric Young. Killings takes down Young with a right, then Roode with a right and finally A-1 with a right. Killings makes easy work of Young with a series of punches. Killings leaps over Young in the corner into a cartwheel then dodges a punch by doing the splits then does a spinning dropkick onto Young. Roode and A-1 break up the pin attempt. BG enters the ring and Roode throws him out. Killings is thrown out of the ring by A-1. Konnan enters the ring, he is not the legal man however. The commentators make no note of this. Konnan does a rolling clothesline to Young. Young whips Konnan into the corner. Konnan slowly hits the turnbuckle. Young charges but Konnan steps out of the way. Konnan kicks Young in the abdominal region, Young lands on the top rope straight on his balls. Konnan throws his sneaker at Young, he misses, but takes off his other sneaker and hits Young this time. Young falls off the top rope onto the outside. Roode is the the ring now Konnan hit shim with his sneaker. Roode hits the mat like he was hit with a cannon ball. Roode rolls out of the ring. Konnan rolls out of the ring and starts brawling with Roode. Killings and Young, the legal men are both in the ring. Killings hits the Ax Kick and gets the three count. Winners by pinfall 3 Live Kru. Roode attacks Killings from behind. Team Canada beat down James and Killings in the ring. A-1 Tosses Killings out. The beating proceeds on James. Kip runs into the ring and stares down Team Canada saving BG. Konnan comes into the ring and gets in Kips face, BG intervenes. There seems to be tension between 3LK specifiably Konnan and Kip James

  • Was a fun opener. Some really fun spots and some fast paced action. Konnan's laziness was pretty evident he didnt take one true bump. Snarkieness aside this make was designed to further the storyline between Kip James and 3LK and it succeeded at that.

Battle Tonight: AMW vs Team 3D

  • Mike Tenay and Don West hype the AMW- Team 3D tag match later tonight before sagwaying into a video package focusing on the Ultimate X Match.

  • The video Package does a nice job of introducing new viewers to the Ultimate X. The match comes off as a very exciting and innovative match full of unpredictably. Some nice footage of prior Ultimate X's throughout the package.

  • Action Figure Girl now has Christopher Daniels figures.

Match Two: Christopher Daniels vs Austin Aries vs Matt Bentley

  • X Division Time

  • Christopher Daniels is out first

  • Austin Aries comes out next to Cheesy 80's movie montage music.

  • Matt Bentley the former michael Shane is the last out accompanied by Traci Brookes going by Traci.

  • The three men stalk the ring. Aries charges Bentley ducks. Aries gets behind Daniels and ties up around his waist. Bentley goes for a clothesline. Daniels ducks out of the way Aries eats it. Daniels dropkicks Bentley. Aries elbows Daniels in the face. Bentley arm drags Aries. Daniels arm drags Bentley. Aries arm drags Daniels then arm drags Bentley for godd measure. Its the match of one thousand arm drags. Aries does a flying double back elbow on both Daniels and Bentley. Aries punches Daniels in the face and whips him into the ropes Daniels tries tossing Aries out of the ring. Aries lands on the apron and smashes Daniels throat first into the top rope. Aries does a twisted corkscrew splash onto Daniels for the two count. Bentley hits a bridging suplex on Aries for the two. Bentley punches Aries in the face whips him into the ropes leap frogs kick to the gut, holds Aries by the neck, kicks Daniels in the got and Double neckbreakers Daniels & Aries. Bentley gets a two count on Daniels. Bentley carelessly tosses Aries head first into a turnbuckle. Bentley stomps on the back of Daniels neck. Bentley punches Daniels in the face, while he is reeling on the ropes. Bentley whips Daniels into the ropes Daniles reverses it into a judo style STO takedown for the two count. Aries is the one who breaks it up. That Damn Aries. Daniels shoulder tackles Aries. Fallen Angel chant breaks out despite Daniels being heel. That peesky Impact Zone. Daniels goes to suplex Bentley. Bentley reverses it locks up around Daniels' waist. The Fallen Angel starts elbowing Bentley in the head. Daniels does a simultaneous reverse DDT on Bentley and a reverse Russian leg sweep on Aries. Daniels pins both men but they both kick out at two. Daniels is beside himself. He heads to the top rope. Aries strikes him. Aries and Bentley work together and toss Daniels off the top rope. Aries is thanked for his help with a kick to the gut and a chop across the chest from Bentley. He answers back with a suplex. Aries levels Daniels then take shim down again with a clothesline. He then clotheslines Bentley hard to the mat. Must still be mad about his thank you. Aries drop kicks Daniels in the turnbuckle. Goes for the pin attempt which is broken up by Bentley. Bentley sends Aries face first into the top turnbuckle then whips him into the opposite corner. Bentley charges Aries, who elbows Bentley. Aries hurricaranna Bentley to the outside. Daniels does a top rope moonsault to the outside but both Aries and Bentley move and daniels lands on his back on the outside. Bentley does a running clothesline to Aries. Bentley rolls Aries. Series of rope running leads to a cross body from Aries to Bentley. Aries hurt himself with that one. Traci is taunting Daniels who is still down on the floor. Petey Williams comes down and starts getting fresh with Traci, distracting Bentley, one of his opponents in the upcoming Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory. Sabin the third Ultimate X participants runs down to ringside and has it out with Petey. Bentley dives outside the ring onto the two of them. Aries goes up to the top rope. Daniels slides back into the ring, knocks Aries balls first into the turnbuckle. Angels Wings to Aries for the three. Winner by pinfall Christopher Daniels. Daniels claims the X Divisin title is his as Traci checks on Bentley on the outside.

  • Dare I say this was a better match then last weeks three way X Division match. There were still plenty of spots but this one seemed a little smoother. All three men were impressive, Bentleys stupid double braid ponytail Shawn Michaels tribute notwithstanding. Austin Aries looked really good, no homo in this match. Young and hungry he looks like he's destined for big things in this one. TNA makes good use there hour of television by incorporating Williams and Sabin into the match to hype the Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory without overshadowing the match.

Battle Tonight: AMW vs Team 3D

  • Video Package on The Monster Abyss. Back when Abyss wasn’t booked into a joke. I personally liked the character. It was a little over the top but thats wrestling, you need a monster and Abyss sure was a monster. There’s some great footage of Abys throwing Jeff hadry through tables and slamming Sabu onto thumbtacks really putting over him as force to be recon with. Well put together video.

Monsters Ball: Abyss vs Jeff Hardy vs Sabu vs Rhino

Match Three: Abyss vs Sonny Saiki

  • Abyss with James Mitchell makes his way out to the ring

  • Former X Division Champion, Sonny Saiki has been regulated to Jobber to the Stars (JTTS) status.

  • Saiki is wearing some powder blue jumpsuit thing.

  • Abyss charges at Sonny but he moves out the way. Saiki hits Abyss with a series of punches. Abyss grabs him by the throat and tosses him. Abyss goes towards Saiki but he ducks, hits Abyss in the face a couple of times then tries to Irish whip him, but Abyss finds his center of gravity and wont budge. Abyss whips Saiki who ducks then chops the monster for good measure. Abyss' elbow is bleeding for some reason. A flurry of chops leaves Abyss wobbling almost off his feet. Sonny runs of the ropes and Abyss chops him down like a tree. Abyss charges, Saiki moves out the way and Abyss hits the turnbuckle at full force. Saiki with a boot to the mid section. Abyss reverses it and whips Saiki into the ropes, He leans over presumably to toss Saiki over but Saiki kicks Abyss in the chest. Running dropkick to Abyss but he fails to leave his feet. Saiki runs the ropes Abyss catches him sets up a power bomb but Saiki reverses it into a hurricanranna. Mitchell is on the apron and gets Saiki's attention. Abyss Grabs Saiki, He gets away and charges the monster but Abyss hits him with a big boot. Abyss charges and hits Saiki with the sandwich clothesline at the turnbuckle. Abyss has him in a torture rack, which he sits out on. Black Hole Slam on Saiki for the three. Winner by pinfall Abyss. Abyss rocks back and forth as James Mitchell yells into the camera.

  • Competitive squash right here. Saiki looked impressive with some offense even getting Abyss off his feet at one point. Abyss looked great he comes off as a monster he can take a lot of pain and also as one who bides his time and waits for his opponent to wear himself down before unleashing the big guns i.e. The Black Hole Slam.

  • Video Package on Samoa Joe. This guy just had an aura about him back then. Some nice footage establishing him as a dominate force in TNA.

  • Mike Tenay and Larry Zsbysko are in the ring

  • Tenay informs us that “The Living Legend of Professional Wrestling” and NWA Championship Committee Member Larry ZsBysko has an important announcement.

  • Before we get to that Tenay asks Larry how the Championship Committee allowed Jeff Jarrett to get a title shot in Canada against Raven?

  • Larry says the committee is working on that issue then changes the subject and starts talking about his announcement tonight. Larry has appointed a special guest referee to the Jarrett-Nash Championship bout at Bound for Glory.

  • Tito Ortiz is that special guest referee, wearing the same clothes we saw him in last week. Way to give away that its taped.

  • Tenay welcomes Ortiz to TNA Impact. He has been here before 5 months before actually.

  • Ortiz has two rules for Jarrett & Nash 1. From this night on the respect Tito as a referee inside the ring & 2. If they lay a finger on him, he will break theirs. If these rules are broken punishment will be quick, punishment will be severe and punishment will be final.

  • Tenay starts yappin' but Jarretts music interrupts him.

  • Out comes Jeff Jarrett in white jeans and a shirt that looks like they could be tights Hogan would've worn in 2002.

  • Jarrett is outraged to hear Tito Ortiz is gonna be special guest referee. He has one rule for Ortiz and that is if Tito Ortiz lays one finger on him, Ortiz will find his neck broken. Jarrett has words for Kevin Nash too. Jarrett makes references to the film The Longest Yard which Nash was in and says he will send Nash back to Hollywood.

  • Ortiz looks annoyed

  • Its not gonna be longest yard at Bound for Glory its gonna be Kevin Nash: Longest Night Of His Career .

  • That Casio G-Funk music starts to play and Nash makes his way to the ring. Jarrett runs up the ramp and both men start brawling with each other. They end up in the ring. Jarrett gets the upper hand on Nash. Nash turns the tables with a clothesline and starts punching Jarrett on the canvas. Ortiz puts a rear naked choke on Nash, I guess he was tired of all the fighting, some ref.

  • Ortiz lets go and Jarrett starts kicking Nash. Ortiz throws Jarrett off Nash as security intervines.

  • Backstage: Shane Douglas is with Christopher Daniels.

  • Daniels claims to have ruled the X Division for 6 months. He defeated everyone and he reapeats he defeated EVERYONE!!!!! In a travesty of Justice AJ Styles stole his X Division Championship. He will right the wrongs perpetrated against him in Iron Man 2 at Bound for Glory. Daniels then challenges AJ Styles to find 3 people and he will beat them all next week in 15 minutes or less.

  • This brings out AJ Styles. He accepts Daniels' challenge.

Match 4: Americas Most Wanted vs Team 3D

  • AMW is out first

  • Team 3D is out next. The camera follows them through the tunnel.

  • Devon and Storm start the match off. Tie up. Devon gets behind and then Storm get behind. He knees Devon in the gut then punches him in the face. Storm whips Devon in the ropes. Devon ducks, hits a flying cross body on Storm then the scoop slam. Leg drop on Storm. Harris runs in and Devon takes him down. Ray and Devon throw Harris into Storm who awaits in the corner. Devon running splashes the two of them. Then Ray running splashes them. Ray tosses harris out of them ring. Devon clotheslines Storm out of the ring. Commercial Break. As we return Harris has Ray in his and Storms corner punching him in the face. Harris has a rear facelock on Ray. Harris props Ray in the corner and tags in Storm. AMW kicks the snot outta Ray in the corner. Ray punches Storm in the face. Harris holds Ray as Storm punches Ray in the face. And keeps punching him. Storm chokes ray on the mat. Chop from Storm to Ray. Ray chops Storm. Storm punches Ray in the head. Ray with another chop to Storm. Ray is fighting back. Storm with a series of punches to Rays head. Another chop from Ray. Ray full nelson slams Storm. Both man are down on the mat. Both men struggle to their respected corners. Tag in to Devon. Devon takes out Storm. Harris runs in gets a series of face punches. Devon cleans house, hits a reverse neckbrecker on Storm for the two. Harris runs in again. Devon drives him down to the mat. Devon flying clotheslines Storm for a pin attempt, Harris breaks it up at the two. Ray comes in and tosses Harris out. Ray starts beating Harris down on the outside. Storm is standing on the top turnbuckle punching Devon. Ray comes in hoists Storm up. Devon goes to the top and Team 3D hit the doomsday device. Devon goes for the pin and almost gets the three but Harris runs in and drags him off Storm. Inverted 3D on Harris. They motion for the 3D on Storm this time but gail kim. Making her TNA debut and low blows Ray. Winners by DQ Team 3D. Devon turns around and sees what happens. Devon grabs Gail from by the hair. He sets her up for the powerbomb but Jarrett runs in and hits Devon with the title belt. He then hits Ray. Jarrett and AMW beat down 3D as we go off the air.

  • Hard hitting solid tag match until the finish. The show as a whole was fun with some good matches and progression of storylines on the road to Bound for Glory.

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