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5 hours ago, Pete said:

Bradley-Tulane 1982

This was tacked on at the end of an old (1982) Bradley game I was just watching. Now you can endure my horror as well.

Well, that's easily the most offensive thing I've seen today and considering that someone posted some shit from GWAR in another thread, that's covering a lot of ground. Fortunately, my wife who is full-blooded Navajo is in the other room as monitors can be expensive and I have no desire to go to the mall on Christmas Eve.

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3 hours ago, Pete said:


Man, now I have "Lovely Rita" stuck in my head.  Actually that's a good thing, was thinking to play that album tonight anyway.

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On 1/8/2021 at 6:50 PM, Pete said:


Wait, does this photo contain two meter maids one of which is intentionally photo bombing the fashion shoot, and two models, OR three models (one of which is curiously enough dressed pretty similarly to the meter maid behind her) and an unintentional photo bomb by an elderly meter maid? Because it's only funny if the woman on the left struck a pose on a whim once she realised that there was a photo shoot going on and she was possibly within the frame. The person walking behind her seems oblivious to what's going on. Also, can we actually say "meter maid" these days?

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13 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

@Rev Ray

For the first time in 131 years(!!!) a snowy owl was spotted in Central Park:



It might be an irruption year for them, there are also snowy owls being seen in the Meadowlands and Bayonne today.


I'm sure that crow is not his friend,  he's probably trying to harass him into leaving.

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Oh, yeah.  There are other pictures of the owl "making friends" with several more crows and a rather big Cooper's Hawk.  

Here he is "playing" with his new friend: 


He supposedly left the area this morning. So, I guess the rats found good hiding spots last night. 

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On 2/22/2021 at 4:11 AM, AxB said:


This is from Finland. The whole week-end's worth of beer for the whole family (over 18 members, anyway).

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