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He definitely wrestles afterwards, but he does look pretty limited....not too surprising since he just had the surgery and it must be extra tough for a dude that big to come back from. He spends a few weeks looking for a partner to take on Akbar's crew (itself an interesting little angle, as none of the faces trust him enough to team with him, a definite switch from now where it seems like a dude turns face and his past is immediately forgotten). He brings in the Assassin, who turns on him in like 30 seconds, and finally ends up with Iron Mike Sharpe as a partner (face Mike Sharpe is another mind trip, he doesn't yell when he wrestles, it's strangely distracting in its absence). I'm a couple months into the angle and their currently building to a match against Killer Khan (recently added to Akbar's stable)....I'm thinking it is not going to be good.

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