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Curt McGirt

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Dude, I saw Sabbath. Ozzy was coherent. Like, on Snowblind you could hear actual words being enunciated. Playing the self titled song and then three songs later doin' End of the shitty Beginning was not so cool. Also everybody shat themselves when a dude got right next to Ozzy and started yelling in the mic. Security probably got their asses destroyed for that. It was right after he said they were going to play Dirty Women so the guy probably just wanted to say "couldn't you play After Forever or anything else?".

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I dig End of the Beginning.  I could have lived without Age of Reason as far as the new stuff in the set went.


And, I mentioned it before, but I'm still bummed that Wheels Of Confusion got bumped from the setlist after being played last year.

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Today I learned that there are now two bands currently recording and touring as Queensryche.


This is weird and wrong and makes me very happy I didn't buy a ticket to go see one of the two of them later this week.

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I wasnt around too much of the last several months on the old board but did anybody bring up Amon Amarth's Deciever of the Gods? i think it is a pretty solid cd from them. I really didnt care for the previous two CD's save for a few tracks from both. (nothing like versus the world which is in the top five favorite death metal cd's for me personally)


The version I got also has a bonus cd with it called Under the Influence which has one standout song because of the lack of growling.




As a matter of fact you can tell this has a Black Sabbath feel to it. Dude's Ozzy is spot on.


I'll be honest, I'm not just huge on the Sabbath aping.  But I absolutely love With Oden On Our Side and Twilight of the Thunder God.  In fact, the Thor movies should have just been Thor smashing up frost giants with Twilight of the Thunder God playing in the background.  Rise of Surter was kind of meh.  Still really want to check out a show.



I've been drinking a lot of this lately:


Posted Image


and it's got me listening to a lot of Sword.  It's actually really tasty and distributed by Real Ale.  For all of you non-Texans, Real Ale is an excellent micro from southwest of Austin.  This is a respectable brew, not just some gimmicky shit.


I've also been listening to quite a bit of another Texas metal band, Power Trip, from Dallas.  This album sounds like it was recorded in a cave.  Great thrash album full of gang vocals and guitar heroics.


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Guest The Magnificent 7

No one wants to talk about the new Carcass, then?




Hard to talk about it when it doesn't come out until September 17th.

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Speaking of albums that need to just come out already. Where is that new Atlantean Kodex? They keep posting super early reviews but the sumbitch don't come out 'til goddamn October. Boll shit.

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New Carcass is... okay. I need to give it a couple more listens. The Necroticism-sounding parts are in short supply. 


A couple friends of mine went to see Sabbath a couple days ago and loved it. Also know others that hated it. I'm happy sitting at home with the 180 gram reissue of Vol. 4 I picked up recently, though admittedly seeing them would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


I have currently been rediscovering Pungent Stench (who incidentally are very Carcass-esque). Disgustingly heavy. 



New Thou Art Lord rules too. 


EDIT: put in spoiler tags just in case. NSFW probably

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